11 February 2021


30 Shevat 5781
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

Quick Vaccine News Update:  I wish it were a Purim joke, but alas!  One can only conclude that this is the work of a 'king' whose edicts are worse than Haman's!!

Can it be at coincidental that the next largest concentration of Jews after Israel is the US and UK???

(Source of graph)

But cheer up!!  No sad faces!! 


Mishenichnas Adar


  1. My friends think of the heroes of Masada, and of the Warsaw ghetto.
    Think of the father of Ben David, would have he taken their poison? No way.
    Hashem won't let them win.
    But we must make teshuva, tehilim, shabat and study torah.
    I love you all my fellow Jews don't despair. At least we know the end of the story with Ben David and Geula.
    When? Nobody knows.
    Get ready physically too, get arms also for protection, food for a few weeks and cash. And don't take their poison.

  2. Chodesh tov to everyone!!
    Any of you saw this?

  3. Anonymous@9:22PM - I don't think that article is worth reading. Anybody who thinks that the Great Reset is about communism is out of touch. The New World Order is establishing a global corporatocracy.


  4. The UK doesn't have the largest concentration of Jews after Israel and the US, France does (and by a wide margin).
    Even Canada has more Jews than the UK.

  5. Yesterday was 29 Shevat 5781 Yom Kippur Katan and people were really crying out to Hashem. Remember when the Gedolim prayed and fasted; then Institutions of the Yishuv declare three days of mourning from 30November1942 – 2December1942. Rommel’s offensive was eventually stopped at the small railway halt of El Alamein, just 150 miles from Cairo. Remember before the 6 Day War in 1967 when everyone was terrified of the Arab Armies and prayed and Fasted. https://www.brighteon.com/5823252574001

    1. It was the good days. NoW a lot of fake rabbis instead of telling us to fast and pray tell us to go get the injection. They will have to answer to their deeds above.

  6. Samson, true. Chazal tell us that now at keitz hayamim, 'most' rabbis will be of the Erev Rav. This was the original goal of the Erev Rav who came along with Moshe Rabbeinu to-c'v, erase Torah and, c'v, stop the coming of Moshiach! As we know, evil & arrogance have no limits. Thankfully, H' controls their limits and puts an end to their agendas.

    1. Yes Hazal were right ahead of times as usual!

  7. "The New World Order is establishing a global corporatocracy."

    Some readers here may remember the term "robber barons." That's what the corporatocracy reminds me of, when the rich monopolies would overcharge to squeeze more money out of the consumer (who usually worked, too), if I remember correctly.