09 December 2020

"And the Lab-Grown Meat Shall Go Forth From Yerushalayim"

 23 Kislev 5781

Yes, Netanyahu now wants Israel to become not just a hi-tech powerhouse but a "powerhouse for alternative meat and alternative protein.”

We are reading more and more in the media about this fake food that is being created in the lab...

Israel’s alternative protein plan: PM tastes Aleph Farms’ cultivated steak and “can’t taste the difference”
08 Dec 2020 --- Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has visited Aleph Farms, an Israeli start-up growing real meat directly from cow cells under controlled conditions, to taste cultivated steak first-hand. Netanyahu has also directed for a body to be set up to serve the burgeoning cultivated meat industry, and make the country a “powerhouse for alternative meat and alternative protein.”

“It’s delicious and guilt-free, I can’t taste the difference,” declares Netanyahu, during a tour of Aleph Farms’ operations along with The Good Food Institute Israel’s Managing Director Nir Goldstein.

Netanyahu’s visit, which included an overview of the production process and the company’s sustainability strategy, is part of a national policy plan to establish Israel as an alternative protein leader. Netanyahu is the first head of state to taste meat cultivated outside of a cow.
[I strongly suggest reading the entire article if you have any doubts about the agenda behind this new development.]

It's not enough for The-Powers-That-Should-Not-Be to poison the air we breathe and the water we drink with pollutants and harmful additives or to genetically modify the plants we eat and fill the meat we consume with antibiotics and Hashem alone knows what else.  Now, they are rolling out food that is altogether fake - "lab-grown."

Think about it.  All of our food sources come from living things - living, breathing things.  All the animals, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds.  This new "lab-grown meat" that is the next big hope for making a killing in the market has NEVER BEEN ALIVE.  It does not have within it the sparks which feed our souls...

by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

...Food, in fact, is just physical clothing to hide the spiritual sparks within it. It is not apples or vitamins that keep us alive – otherwise they'd be able to revive dead people as well (which of course, they cannot). It is the sparks they hide inside that feed the soul, which in turn provides life for the body.

This explains how Moses was able to remain on Mount Sinai for 40 consecutive days without eating or drinking. Atop the holy mount, Moses received his life-giving sparks directly from God, without needing to process them through anything physical (i.e. food).

...Human beings "live" through whatever contains Holy Sparks, light of God. And if it exists, it by necessity contains Holy Sparks.
We might now have to qualify that last statement by saying "if it exists, and lives and breathes, then...." it contains Holy Sparks. The life force IS the presence of the sparks! No life force, no sparks.

You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.


  1. https://davidicke.com/2020/11/20/former-fema-operative-celeste-solum-talks-with-david-icke-the-covid-tests-are-magnetically-tagging-you-and-the-vaccine-is-designed-for-mass-depopulation-and-the-synthetic-transformation-of-the-huma/?fbclid=IwAR2ZXehqI8znF3PGUr-xNQAchtCG58PPMcWteQM-pRxX5SqdqgjcjtZuTNU
    This kind of meat can contain human embryo cells to let us custom to canibalism.
    Also this lady in the video has very interesting info Very well documented I haven’t hear before.

  2. This was a brilliant post! Loved the explanation of Moshe surviving after not eating or drinking, this makes sense of the story and is much clearer. Also, the 'life sparks' and food as clothing for the Life Sparks, was fascinating! Thanks, I really enjoyed this post!

  3. This is all part of the new age culture (avodah zorah of the worst kind). This is so sickening to think of what they want the world to be, c'v. In other words, whatever is against H' and the Torah, they're all in!
    Seems clear that Bibi is taking the orders from the powers because everything is in lockstep with their agenda.
    We need the nissim of Kislev & Chanukah to begin immediately!

  4. Wow. My gut really knew something was wrong with lab grown meat but I couldn't put my finger on it! When we say a bracha, we release sparks from the food and raise them higher, elevating them from our physical eating which in turn helps us serve Hashem. Food that was never alive, although grows, is void of the sparks, for sure. I don't like how animals are mistreated in the farms and then slaughterhouse but we can address that issue. What will happen to all of the animals who would get an aliyah when eaten for Hashem's honor? It's destroying the reason many of them are created.

  5. Maybe that's why our ancestors (even parents, grandparents, etc.) were on such a higher level than anyone today because they lived in nature with natural foods, surroundings. Is there anything that's real today? It's a plastic world. They want unnatural people and want to play god and rule over us as if we were robots.