13 August 2019

The Second American Revolution Is Taking Place

13 Menachem Av 5779

On 30 Shevat 5771, I published a blog post entitled "The Second American Revolution Is Being Prepared."   With the release last week of the Netflix docuseries about The Family as revealed by author and journalist Jeff Sharlet, I figured this would be a good time to repost it; however, today, I am entitling it "The Second American Revolution Is Taking Place."


What if Democracy is just an historical aberration? What if all the quasi democracies in the Middle East are about to go Islamic while the Vatican bails out the EU in exchange for a revival of the Holy Roman Empire. Maybe the whole world will prepare for Mashiach's worldwide reign by reverting each one to a theocratic society.

And what about America? Will it undergo a second revolution to install the theocracy that the Christian Right has been drooling for?

Don't think it's possible? Maybe it's just flying beneath your radar screen. Pay attention now.

The photo inset is taken from a video titled "Reclaiming the Seven Mountains of Culture." (My comment in red added.)

The video lays out a plan by which the Church can take over America and the world. It speaks of "enemies of the gospel" and "advancing the Kingdom of God." It lays out each mountain to be conquered by identifying its "good" and "evil" sides. For the Mountain of Religion, which it depicts with a cross, the narrator says: "The Mountain of Religion, where people worship God in spirit and in truth...", i.e. the "good" way (the Christian way); "...or settle for a religious ritual," i.e. the "evil" way (any other way, and that would, of course, include Judaism).

Read up on The Family:
"...The organization has been described as one of the most politically well-connected ministries in the United States. ...Although the organization is secretive, it holds one regular public event each year, the National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington, D.C. Every sitting United States president since President Dwight D. Eisenhower, up to President [Donald J. Trump], has participated in at least one National Prayer Breakfast during his term.  [2019 Remarks]  
The Fellowship's known participants include ranking United States government officials, corporate executives, heads of religious and humanitarian aid organizations, and ambassadors and high ranking politicians from across the world.  (A who's who of Dominionists)  Many United States Senators and Congressmen who have publicly acknowledged working with the Fellowship or are documented as having done so work together to pass or influence legislation."
And its "C Street" connection.
"...Despite their political differences—[Senator Tom] Coburn and [Representative Zach] Wamp are Republicans, [Representative Bart] Stupak and [Representative Mike] Doyle are Democrats—they had pledged to hold one another to a life lived by the principles of Jesus, and they considered the Tuesday supper gatherings at C Street an inviolable ritual."
And what about the Tea Party Movement whose language is reminiscent of revolution?
Tea Party, Meet the Religious Right
...the tea-party movement is no longer merely populist, libertarian, or anti-government, if it ever was. It is theocratic. Indeed, after several months in which the religious right seemed lost and dispirited, it has found a way to ride the tea-party express into renewed relevance.
From the beginning, of course, there's been overlap between the tea parties and the Christian right. Both have their strongholds in the white South, and both arise out of a sense of furious dispossession, a conviction that the country that is rightfully theirs has been usurped by sinister cosmopolitan elites. They have the same favorite politicians -- particularly [Sarah] Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is also speaking in Nashville. Glenn Beck, the media figure most associated with the tea-party movement, has a worldview deeply shaped by apocalyptic Mormonism; he is contemptuous of the idea of church-state separation and believes the United States was founded to be a Christian nation. (As they all do!)
...enterprising theocrats would look to the tea parties for salvation. And [Rick] Scarborough, for one, is nothing if not enterprising. ...The author of books like In Defense of … Mixing Church and State and the pithier Liberalism Kills Kids, Scarborough spent the Bush years organizing conferences that brought together conservative Republicans with preachers and activists working for the imposition of biblical law. (according to the Christian interpretation, of course).

They even have a standing army waiting in the wings to enforce their version of "biblical law."

So what does all this portend for the Jews? 
"Behold I will send for many fishers, says the Lord, and they will fish them, and afterwards I will send to many hunters and they will hunt them from upon every mountain and upon every hill, and from the clefts of the rocks." (Yirmiyahu 16.6)
The American theocrats believe that the time for the "fishers" is ending and the time for the "hunters" is about to begin. Is this to be the "humiliating" end of American Jewry that Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi speaks about? Will American Jews be hunted, rounded up and shipped to Israel like so much cattle, forced to leave everything behind?
Fishers and Hunters by Rachel Tabachnick
...For decades apocalyptic Christian Zionists have demonized Jews as the source of evil in American society while wrapped in the protection of an Israeli flag. No single source demonstrates this better than the book "Let My People Go," written by Tom Hess, a major Christian Zionist figure for three decades.
...Hess claims that American Jews have failed to fulfill God's purpose because of their attachment to the fleshpots of America:
"...the Jewish people today are in slavery to many false gods in America.... My prayer is that American Jewish people become aware of the bondages to these gods and break free from them.. They must make Aliyah (return) to Israel before greater judgment or plagues come upon America. The Jewish people in America must be freed from this slavery to materialism in all of its forms in order to escape to Israel. Because of the way the Jewish people have prospered and been blessed in America, this struggle is even greater than it was to leave Europe more than seventy years ago."
This demonizing of "liberal or secular" Jews has become such an acceptable part of Christian Zionism that this rhetoric is now widely used by those Jewish leaders and writers who partner with them. This is apparently done without consideration of the danger to all Jews, left and right, secular or observant, as these slurs become more acceptable and are increasingly applied to any Jewish person that does not support the Christian Zionist agenda.
...(Hess) "There is so much blood on American soil, it is a miracle we have not already been destroyed as a nation! Many secular, reformed (sic) and conservative Jews have encouraged abortion despite the fact that the killing of their future generations will affect the future of the Jewish people. There is little difference today between child sacrifice in the Old Testament and abortions today."
Hess goes on to warn his "Jewish friends" of what will happen to them if they do not leave their attachments to the sins of the United States. He uses the now infamous fishers and hunters example, claiming that Christian Zionists are the fishers trying to encourage Jews to leave the United States and other countries around the world before the hunters come after them. There are echoes of John Hagee's "Hitler as God's hunter" sermon, also exposed in a video by Bruce Wilson.
(Hess)"...People ask: Why did God allow the Holocaust in Europe? For years, a loving God warned the Jews to leave through Jewish Zionist prophets, but ninety percent of them refused to leave before it was too late! If more than ten percent of the Jews leave America before it falls or becomes a lesser power, it would be one of the first times in history. Zechariah 12:8 said that two thirds of the Jews in the world would be killed. One third of them, six million have already been killed in the Holocaust. I am concerned that six million more could be devastated in America unless they return soon.
God says in Jeremiah 16:16 that he will send for many fishers to warn and help them return to Israel. In Europe, the fishers were the Zionist and the hunters were the Nazis. Today in America the fishers are the Jewish prophets as well as the Christian Zionists. May the Jewish people respond to the fishers today or the hunters may soon come. In America they could be the KKK, Islamic terrorists or others.
This book is written with a deep love to warn the Jewish people to escape the Daughter of Babylon (USA) because it is about to be greatly devastated.
Precious Jewish people, if you don't leave immediately, you may go back with no money, you may be killed or may not be able to go back at all."
The book was first published in 1987 with six additional editions published in several languages.
...For these apocalyptic Christian Zionists, "good Jews" are those who act in accordance to the role assigned to them in this end time drama while "bad Jews" or those that stay in their respective countries for reasons of greed, materialism, and other evils. Likewise, they view Jewish leaders who work in conjunction with Christian Zionists as doing God's will, while those Jewish leaders who resist their assigned roles in this apocalyptic drama are supposedly avoiding God's will due to their attachment to evil, usually described as being of a liberal or secular nature. Those Jewish leaders who veer from the Christian Zionist narrative become vilified as obstacles to God's will, regardless of their previous partnership.
Hess' book has been used in Russia and Eastern Europe in coordination with extensive Christian Zionist efforts to encourage Jews to make aliyah as well as proselytizing Jewish communities.
...The introduction to Let My People Go was written by the late David A. Lewis, founder of a previous organization called Christians United for Israel (John Hagee's org). From the introduction:
"Very frankly, if I were a Jewish person, I would take Tom Hess message very seriously. Having a love for Israel and the Jewish people, it would give me deep pain for some of my Jewish friends to leave these shores and make aliyah to Zion. I think, however, that the pain of staying could conceivably be worse. I do recall that the Jews of Germany were saying that it couldn't happen right up until the time of the unleashing of the Holocaust. After 911, the USA will never be the same. Also, if we should see a financial collapse in America, there will be a search for a scapegoat. The history of western civilization demonstrates that the scapegoat usually, if not always, turns out to be the Jew."
Like the sailors on the storm-tossed ship carrying Yonah HaNavi, the storm-battered gentiles of the world are going to figure it out - that everything that happens in the world is for the sake of the Jews. When they come to believe that their only hope for survival will be to toss the Jews overboard, then look out!


No doubt they are actually behind this docuseries coming out at this time.  As long as they wanted it to be secret, it was secret.  Now, they want everyone to know.  Time to implementation must be near indeed.

[To be continued - "The Family" in Israel, iy"H]


  1. "...the Jewish people today are in slavery to many false gods in America.... My prayer is that American Jewish people become aware of the bondages to these gods and break free from them.. They must make Aliyah (return) to Israel before greater judgment or plagues come upon America. The Jewish people in America must be freed from this slavery to materialism in all of its forms in order to escape to Israel. Because of the way the Jewish people have prospered and been blessed in America, this struggle is even greater than it was to leave Europe more than seventy years ago."

    Wow! They might believe in the wrong Mashiach, but when they talk about attachment to materialism by so many american jews they are ONE MILLION PERCENT right. I would add another false idol that many jews in america serve and it's much worse than money or christianity, it's called liberalism, which is exactly the opposite of the Torah. I thought jews would learn the lesson after communism collapsed. Our weakness for idols brought us many tragedies.

    1. Unfortunately true. Like Hitler, ysh"m, with Mein Kampf, they write what they intend to do, but few care to listen. "Oh, they'll never get that kind of power," they say and learn nothing from history. Those whom Hashem chooses to use against us, He first raises up.

  2. The doom and gloom crowd is here don't you understand all bad pepphecies dont have to happen. But all good ones will.

    1. What "prophecy"? Nothing here is talking about prophecy, but if you want to talk prophecy, ok, let's talk prophecy. You'd be a few weeks early, but go ahead and read Ha'azinu. Then report back here and tell me which bad prophecies did not come true.

      They all come true because that's just how we are.

      And btw, Yonah's bad prophecy also came true, it was just delayed until a later generation.

  3. In order for a bad prophecy to not happen, there must be repentance. Take a look around, look again. It ain't happening...