27 July 2011

Glenn Beck's Christian Agenda

26 Tamuz 5771

A few days ago, I gave you proof that Glenn Beck believes he is on a mission from God. In his video anouncing the 8/24 Restoring Courage event, he seems to be implying that he is standing as a prophet to the world.

"...What God commands to be said by his prophets of old, this August, I will stand, where he has always been, in the ancient walls of the city of Jerusalem."

Is this what is driving his fixation on the Temple Mount?

"...It is time to return inside the walls that surround Jerusalem and stand with people of all faiths, ..." (Glenn Beck announces rally, Ynet, 17 May 2011)
What's that "return" about? "Return?"

"...Jesus taught day after day in the Temple there and performed miracles there. He was crucified outside of the city and he rose again from the dead IN THAT CITY."
(Glenn Beck Israel Trip Report, Part 1)

"...I never work on the Sabbath unless your 'ox is in the mire' ...

You probably didn't get that reference. It's from the New Testament. And according to Beck, the "Sabbath" is on Sunday.

"...or it is the Lord’s work and telling the truth about Israel and about love and about Him is His work. "

How is Beck gonna "tell the truth" about God when his only knowledge is of the Mormon God or is it really Yeshu he is referring to? No matter. To Christians, it's all the same.

"...we’re going to do a program that will be in Jerusalem in the place where Pontius Pilate was...."

How cool is that? This is the Roman governor who sat to judge the charges brought against Yeshu by the Jews and made a show of washing his hands of the whole affair when he found no fault in him.

"...if you’re a Christian, gather with Jewish people..... This is a real Christian event, so it might make some people uncomfortable....that I promise you will blow your mind when you see what we’re doing. I’m not kidding you. I’m standing at the southern wall of the Temple Mount. Behind me is the Al Aksa Mosque. The windows were open the day that I went and you can see into the Al Aksa Mosque. Um, as I’m standing here, [demonstrating with his hands] a little farther than this wall is that wall of the Al Aksa Mosque. About where that exit sign is [pointing right] is where Jesus turned the tables over in the Temple [demonstrating]. Over here on these stairs [pointing left] is where Jesus was found teaching. "

With Glenn's help, the Christians will now have a brand new holy site---the southern wall of the Temple Mount, God forbid!

"...It is an amazing, amazing site. we, people of faith, of ALL faiths will stand together and serve You and protect against injustice. ...Who will stand up and say, 'I’m sorry, I have no horse in this race, [pointing up] except HIM.' And I will stand as a shield for anyone against injustice. It will be a life-changing event.
(Video: Glenn previews the events of “Restoring Courage”)

And no doubt, Beck will serve as the High Priest of this ecumenical, interfaith service.

"...If you're Christian, you're not going in there [Dome of the Rock]...which is probably a good thing because if you did, perhaps you would learn something. Maybe, too much. Inside the Dome of the Rock, and there are no official, legal pictures inside the Dome of the Rock, but inside, there are almost 800 feet of Arabic inscriptions that date back to the late 7th century conquest and here is what some of it reads, quoting: "People of the Book," that would be the people of the Bible, "do not go beyond the bounds in your religion, nor say anything about the truth about God. The messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was only God's messenger, His word that He committed to Mary and a spirit proceeding from Him. So believe in God and His messengers. Do not say three. Refrain, for it is better for you. For God is only one God. Glory be to Him, that He should have a son.

...The writing on the outside, for all the world to see, proclaims a message to Christians: "There is one God. There is no God, but God alone, without partner." That would be the trinity. "He is God, one God, the everlasting who has not begotten and who has not been begotten." Understand? He has no children and He certainly does not have a partner or a son."

(Video: Glenn Beck Israel Trip Report, Part 2)

Whoa! I don't think Glenn has a lot of sympathy for the Muslim view of his man-god.

"...The most holy sites on the planet are there. Ask yourself this question: Do you believe that when they are in Arab control, like those big Buddhist statues with the Taliban, that they will remain open and safe? We have the Western Wall; the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, it's where Jesus was apparently killed and buried and rose again;the Mount of Olives; the place of the Last Supper; the Temple Mount; the foundation stone.... They are attacking us in the name of religion....

"I met a man named Rabbi Riskin...he's under attack...because in his position, rabbis don't usually meet with Christians and talk about Ezekiel, but he's reaching out as much as he can and there are many people in Israel who are doing that. Rabbi Riskin told me he is convinced that God is asking him to gather people of all faiths to stand together...I believe the same thing." (Video: Glen Beck 05 16 2011)

Glenn Beck describes Jerusalem split into four parts, as is currently the case, and Israel as the guardian of everyone's holy places, as the ideal situation. His goal is to protect Christianity's interests in the Old City from a Muslim takeover in September. Sounds like a repeat of the Crusades to me. Maybe that is what he meant by "return" to Jerusalem?

He made a big thing out of this particular site being, well, basically, chosen for him by God.

"...When I picked this location, I didn't pick it. I truly believe that it was selected for me. I don't think I really had a choice. Everyone advised me - no, no, no - it can't be done, and I said, let's just try and all of the doors were open to us and in a remarkable fashion...."
(Video: 'Glenn Beck announces changes in plan for 8/24 Israel event)

And then, supposedly, security pointed out the danger of holding the event in the shadow of Al Aksa Mosque during the month of Ramadan. There was even an allusion to Yitzchak Rabin's assassination. How that figures in is anybody's guess, a hint at rightwing extremists? Hey! They're all friends with Glenn Beck! Anyway, he announced a change of venue and now today, the big news is.... It's back on for the Temple Mount!!

"...We had told you that we were not going to do it at the Temple Mount. There was a lot of push back and a lot of things that had happened. And so we would not do it at the most sacred space on planet Earth, the southern steps, the southern excavation site of the Temple Mount.

"...I'd like to announce today that on 8/24, Restoring Courage is going to be held at the southern steps of the Temple Mount, EXACTLY AS PLANNED. ...On 8/24, I will be standing with courage at the Temple Mount. ...When I announced a couple of weeks ago that we were not gonna do it at the Temple Mount and we were gonna look for another place, quite honestly, what happened to me is, I felt as soon as we did that, I felt all of the power of this event leave. And I felt...I said, something's just wrong. We have to do it at the Temple Mount. ...When we have people of other faiths come to us and say, "It HAS to be there. You MUST have it there," we agree, we agree."
(Video: Glenn announces new location for 'Restoring Courage')

Get a load of who all's coming so far: "...the biggest spiritual leaders from all over the world (at the all-Christian kick-off event on 8/21); ... politicians; four presidential candidates; 30 to 40 national figures from the political realm of the US alone, not counting mayors or governors. Seventy political representatives from around the world..., as well as citizen delegations from 100 countries, including Bahrain.... More than that I cannot reveal." (JPost)

They are inviting individuals from all the countries of the world to come and stand with their nation's flag at the southern approach to the Holy Temple Mount. Maybe Glenn Beck is Gog and this is a rather different invasion from what we have historically envisioned.

In any case, Beck assures us in his video that he is not aiming to start World War Three. That makes me feel so much better.