03 June 2017

The Chareidim Are Our Best Hope!

10 Sivan 5777
Shavua tov!

When Xians call their god "Abba" or "The Father" it is to distinguish him from his co-god "Son".
Obviously, Xians and Jews do NOT worship the same God.
Yasher koach and kol hakavod to those who made this kiddush Hashem!
Large Model Of Aron HaBris Destroyed In Downtown Jerusalem
Chareidi vandals are blamed for smashing and destroying a model of the world’s Aron HaBris, which was placed in Kikar Tzahal in Jerusalem on the eve of Shavuos. Police who were present did not prevent vandalism, but arrested a suspect.
...The construction and installation of the model of the Ark of the Covenant initiated, produced and contributed to the residents of the city of Jerusalem by businesswoman Grace Gupana, of the Philippines, a staunch lover and supporter of Israel. According to her, the model of the Ark of the Covenant was first exposed in Jerusalem in September 2013 during the Jerusalem March.
BIG CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY! She says "...the punishment of those who destroyed the model of the Ark of the Covenant would come from God." She must be talking about her impotent god Yeshu, because the Jewish God Almighty will richly reward them for this sanctification of His Name.
...She stressed that the city of Jerusalem is also the place of worship of the three religions and Israel has undertaken to allow it freedom of worship, but in reality, it does not happen. “I came as a shaliach and fulfilled my mission, but my pain and sorrow are very great today, and the Jewish people, on the day of the giving of the Torah, must respect the believers of all religions.
"..The model that was destroyed was set into position erev Shavuos at Kikar Tzahal and it was intended to benefit the tzibur at large over Shavuos."
Of what possible "benefit" could the public have from this Christian missionary foray into our holy community!


  1. I don't understand this. The YWN article makes it seem that it was a terrible thing, the destruction, and that she is a devoted friend of Israel. Your post indicates it was a "missionary" venture? Could you shed some more light on this.

  2. Wow... there are no words...

  3. Thank you for the information.
    Shavua tov!

  4. Here's what the Israeli police are doing to Charedim and Charedi children:

    This has nothing to do with Torah Im Derech Eretz any more than any other decent path in Torah Judaism. But I feel a duty to help expose what is going on here in Israel, what the police are doing to Charedim and to children in particular.


    Warning, these videos are disturbing to anyone who has any love, any feeling of compassion for children.

  5. Find many times that the very religious sites such as YWN seem to live in a bubble and really don't know what's happening, not the true story anyway - everything is just external and they seem to believe what's easier to believe. That's why they are sometimes so uninformed of the truth.