26 June 2017

New Messages from Binyamin and Meir Yisroel

3 Tamuz 5777

I don't know what to think about it anymore, so I'm not recommending it, but I'm reading it and I'm posting it for those who have an interest. (Six in English and one in Hebrew.)  HERE.

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  1. There are riots planned across the us to coincide with 4 July, so I have heard. But, one only need take a superficial look around the world to see how the chaos is building. And, now it has come here, as we enter into a war with the reformim. This entire episode has blown up like an atomic blast, from truly nothing! but it is more of the same story...time has come to decide where we stand, With HKBH or against chas v'shalom. And I do believe the end days are closing in on us. I don't know about this star thing, but it doesn't matter. We have enough other wars to deal with, the greatest one be a spiritual war.