29 June 2017

Answer to Assimilation - Just Call Everybody a Jew

5 Tamuz 5777

I purposely did not say "make" everybody a Jew, because that's not what these "private" conversions are about. The conversions being discussed in this Ynet article, Tzohar chairman: Conversion bill could split Jewish people, is about just sticking the Jew label on people who have no intention of observing the Law of the Jews, aka Torah.

Those who brought these non-Jewish Russians to Israel are the ones responsible for them. It is not now the job of Orthodox Jewish authorities to clean it up for them by waving a magic wand and declaring them all Jewish. The day after, nothing at all will have changed. They will still be non-Jews if they don't convert leshem Shamayim.

I really dislike "Modern" Orthodox who make a habit of pitting Jew against Jew in their misguided struggle against chareidi influence in the state. I remember when Mayor Barkat appeared at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem in his first campaign and he referred to "us" (MO and secular) as opposed to "them" (Chareidim).

Rabbi Stav of Tzohar does that when he claims erroneously that keeping all conversions within the Chief Rabbinate's purview "would mean hundreds of thousands of people who have been prevented from converting by extreme groups inside the ultra-Orthodox world would be permanently blocked...."

Are we to believe that abiding by Torah law and halachah which we have followed for centuries is now to be considered "extreme"? I have some experience with the Rabbanut's conversion courts and process and no one is "permanently blocked". At any point that they can convince the courts that they are sincere in their desire to convert according to the halachah, even if they were previously rejected, they will be converted. This is just hyperbole and scare tactics by Tzohar because they know these 400,000 Russians, most of them Xians, will never convert k'halachah because they just want to be called Jews, not actually be Jews.

Rabbi Stav further claims,“This bill will cause the rise of two Jewish peoples by preventing hundreds of thousands of people who want to convert from converting,”.... Does he mean the actual Jewish people and those who claim to be Jewish, but aren't? It's impossible for there to be more than one Jewish people. It's a nonsensical statement meant only to incite.

Again, among these people being rejected by the Rabbinate are those who only want to be called Jews (or want to be allowed to marry Jews), they don't actually intend to be Jewish. The Xians among them will go to the local Messianic Jews and think that makes them ok.

Thank God for the Chareidim. They are our last line of defense as everyone else seems to want to allow everything regardless of any consideration of Torah or halachah. In my opinion, anything that calls itself "Modern" is already suspect!

And this is why more and more dati leumim are going to become chardalim (like me).
Are Disenchanted Bayit Yehudi Voters Moving To Yishai’s Yachad Party?
...it seems that the voters are not ready to wait and many voters and supporters of the chardali (chareidi dati leumi) party, Yachad, are moving over to Yishai now.
So, the birur continues and this, in my opinion, is the wave of the future. "Modern" is going to have to make a choice whether to go more chardali or go to the "Open" which is really Conservative which itself is really no different foundationally than Reform, i.e. no longer Judaism. The middle has shifted. The real center is today considered by many to be "extreme". 

Where the Truth is extreme, I'll be happy to be called "extreme."