12 June 2017

What Is Really Going On?

18 Sivan 5777

Besides being described as a "cult" leader, Oktar is a missionary for Islam.

 "Adnan Oktar has been known for his televangelism on his TV channelA9 TV,...." Why are Jews blessing his channel for success???

So, we've got rabbis (and others), in the guise of being a "light to the nations", promoting Christianity on the one hand and Islam on the other. And behind all that, they are undermining authentic Torah Judaism! What is really going on here?


  1. I saw 2 videos of Mr. Oktar ... any posibility, that he is a gilgul of Shabetai Tzvi? .... he fits somehow

  2. Theoretically Mr. Trump that sounds like a good idea; however, in reality it doesn’t wash! Nice political ploy. Somehow I think what Trump envisions is entirely different from the rest of the idolatrous guys. He is a shrewd businessman after all. So sad, the Jews are so messed up. I guess this is another “sifting” of the chaf from the wheat.

  3. Agree with Neshama and also think there is something to what Inon is saying.