01 June 2017

Christian "Friendship" and "Service" On the Mountains of Israel

7 Sivan 5777

Let's summarize up to this point.

An intermarried Jewish/Christian missionary couple living in Israel got together with a greedy vineyard owner in Samaria and they helped Tommy Waller establish HaYovel in Har Brachah to be the spearhead of a larger program to funnel Christians into Israel and to settle them on the land as "Ephraimites" - "Lost Tribes Israelites".

Lars Enarson, a known missionary with an Israel fixation, imagining himself to be acting in the spirit of Elijah the Prophet, set up a training camp to indoctrinate volunteers to send to Israel via HaYovel. Then, Tommy Waller also set up a similar compound in Missouri for the same purpose.

Now, with the help of yet more questionable Jews, HaYovel is opening a second base of operations through which Christians can infiltrate the country in Judea. 

While this is going on under the radar, there is an increasingly organized effort to have "Ephraimites" - who are still the same old Christians just rebranded - recognized as Israelites and eligible to "make aliyah" to the Land of Israel. (And that's not even getting into the "ger" issue.)

Why are they doing this?

I think there are two reasons. One is as old as Christianity itself - proselytizing.

Although these are the same old Christians with the same New Testament beliefs, they are no longer using the same old conversion tactics. The tactics have changed and that is what is tripping up a lot of Jews.

Read and understand...
Friendship Evangelism,” also known as ...“servant evangelism,” or “relational evangelism,” is a form of evangelism commonly practiced in present-day American evangelicalism. The overarching principle in “friendship evangelism,” regardless of the methods employed, is to befriend an unsaved person with the hope of one day having the opportunity to share the gospel with him or her.
It is both a common and accepted practice among proponents of “friendship evangelism” to spend an undetermined period of time (days, weeks, months, even years) in an effort to develop a relationship with an unsaved person. Proponents of “friendship evangelism” often see the presentation of the gospel as a privilege given by the unbeliever, or a right earned by the believer, which is made possible through the investment of time and service in a relationship. (Source)
You've already heard Tommy Waller of HaYovel describe how "it's all about relationships" and how Rebecca Brimmer of Bridges for Peace says it's about "reconciliation", about "changing the Jewish people's perception" of Christians and Christianity. This  kind of evangelism (aka missionizing, proselytizing) has become a very popular method used with Jews because we are so very clueless about it. Most Jews who have been approached in this way are quick to defend these missionaries - "These are new Christians. They don't want to kill us. They love us and want to be our friends." 

Here is another good example of this method in action. (See also here.)

But, for success in relational or "friendship" evangelism, few can match the success of HaYovel, unless it is Roger Diaz of Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida. Whereas Tommy Waller has tried to extend HaYovel's reach into every area of Samaria and is now expanding into Judea, Roger Diaz staked out just one place in each area and the Jews came to him.

In Samaria
Ha Tznirim ParkSince 2006 we have worked with the Israeli community of Kedumim, “The Vanuard of Jewish Resettlement in Biblical Samaria,” to fund and build Ha Tznirim nature park, sending work crews annually to assist in its construction. The park is used by community residents throughout the Shomron (Samaria). 
In Judea
Yeshivat Kiryat Arba – We pray for and financially support the Hesder Yeshiva Kiryat ArbaNir College of Judaic Studies, an Israeli institution of higher learning that combines Torah and Talmudic studies with service in the Israeli Defense Forces.
And like HaYovel, he seems to be getting results, r"l ...

Faith and Interfaith on the Mountains of Israel

To be continued...


  1. I think these women in the Shomron are simply naive: they have been deceived. Maybe they need to see your material about who those Xtians really are. Do you have anybody in Kedumim who could discuss this with them?

    And by the way, is Daniella Weiss also involved with them?

    Frankly I am shocked that Yeshivat Nir Kiryat Arba is involved. Really, really shocking. Thanks for telling me: I know Rav Waldman and will make it my business to inform him and people in his Yeshivah, in case he doesn't know about the secret agenda. And if he knows, then.... all bets are out.

    Thank you again.

    BTW, what is the name of the winery owner who first got involved with the Wallers? What is the name of his wine, and who is he? And what do you know about David Ha'Ivri: is he involved too?

    1. You heard one of the women say that those from surrounding communities opposed to this church group came to do just that, but then having met these wonderful Xians, asked how they could get similar groups to come to them!

      I can't imagine anything of this magnitude could go on since 2006 and Daniella Weiss would not know of it, can you?

      If my memory serves, this came up about Rav Waldman several years ago and took Rabbi Lior, who is opposed to this, by surprise and shock and he gave orders not to continue the association. So, we see, as is typical of those who persist in this activity that they feel they know what is best and recognizing no authority over themselves, they go right about doing it anyway.

      I would very much doubt that Rav Lior is aware that this is still going on.

      Rav Waldman and Rav Melamed seem to be two of a kind. See HERE how he equivocates.

      And HERE we see it's been going since at least 2000 and he was saying THEN the same thing Melamed says NOW...

      "These non-Jews," Rabbi Waldman says in reference to the pro- Israel Christian organizations, ...they are in the process of getting enlightened. I can't say the same thing about all of them. Of course one must take precautions to avoid missionaries. One must definitely be careful. But still, those that are in the process of becoming enlightened, and who recognize the unique rights of the Jewish People to Eretz Yisroel, should be given the benefit of the doubt."

      And yet, it's been 17 years and this "enlightenment" still hasn't been actualized. Do they not understand that the "Torah" learned in this yeshivah is worthless?!!!

      Nir Lavi is the vineyard owner and the vineyard is located in Har Brachah. You can find all of this information in the Waller-War series linked in the sidebar.

      HaIvri was involved with HaYovel, but has now moved on to what I'm told is Norwegians and Chinese Christians.

  2. Look!


    1. A year and a half ago! Rabbi Waldman at Fellowship Church

      They have to be Erev Rav rabbis. That is the only explanation.

    2. All I can say is, I am in shock.

      How recent is the affiliation of "rav' Waldman? I want to speak with Rav Lior, but I need specific, concrete and CURRENT data.

      Rav Lior is incorruptible, but he is getting on in years...

      Rav Waldman does have a very weird vibe. Both he and 'rav' Riskin have a phony and very syrupy, insincere personality. So that is what they are hiding! Actually you can say the same about Gimpel. Trying to ingratiate themselves to the goyim, with money involved, of course.Ay, ay, ay!

  3. I don't know. I'll try to find out and get back to you. My focus has been elsewhere. Until I came across this Kedumim thing, I had no idea it was still going on.

    1. I found a link on their facebook page from 29 November 2016 - 6 months ago. It's an audio file HERE.

  4. It seems to me, that everyone is shocked here, how can "respected Rabbonim" fall for that... In my opinion, if you listen and observe closely, not only to the "Rabbonim", but also to these woman, you always find 2 things: 1. Evaluation if something or somebody is good according to its/his level of praise of the land of israel. 2. Not learning and keeping basic halacha. I explain myself: There is a relationship out of and through the Torah to the land of Israel (which produces real Rabbonim like Rav Richter) and there is a relationship, that worships the land/medinah and Torah is reduced to an external something with unspecified importance. Plainly said, if the land/medinah is the idol, you find non-Torah Hashkafah and openness to people with same patterns (idolworship and non halachic perspectives). Rav Samson Rafael Hirsch said, that Klal Israel was on purpose not founded in Eretz Israel, but through Matan Torah, so that we know that our nationhood is established and preserved through the Torah and not through Eretz Israel. Eretz Israel comes through the Keeping of the Torah and can only be preserved for us through the Torah. Now to my 2nd point: Whenever you look closely at this videos you see that all it's protagonists don't keep basic halacha, concerning Tznius or Chukas goyim or giving cavod to places of idolworship (speaking in churches, etc) ... this all shows that the Torah is lost for a Shita that promotes love and friendship before all ... in principal this is the christian hashkafa from the beginning "love is the main thing" this leads to association with people (christians) that think the same way and to a strong antipathy against real Rabbonim that promote Halacha and Din. In my opinion there is no solution to this, bc. these Jews are so far from Torah and Judaism and so arrogant and proud in what they are doing, that they will fight people, that show them how far they have strayed. Sad, but only the real Mashiach will accomplish sth.

  5. Truly and well spoken, Inon. I agree. Thank you.

  6. DS, I'm sorry I can't publish your last comment. I'm sure if you re-read you will see there is some misunderstanding. If you'd like more details, you can write to me at tdnjslm@gmail.com.

  7. Inon is to be praised for the above comment, literally, explaining perfectly the Torah outlook. These 'rabbis' and Jews who are going along with this disgrace are definitely of the erev rav and furthermore, I feel, that since the medinah was started by the erevrav, the rabbis associated with the 'love of the land' first and foremost were mostly all part of them. Also, the use of the word 'Rav' should not be associated with these so-called rabbis, as it is a term of kavod and should NOT be used as a title for them. Believe that there are those calling themselves rabbis who are not even Jewish in any sense of the word. Their connection to the xtians and their 'ways' are not of Jewish origi, but xtian. There is no excuse under the sun that Jews who think of themselves as observant to fall so easily under the spell of these goyim; this is the sickest thing I've heard yet. May H' have mercy and send us our true Moshiach tzdkeinu and save us from Esav.