13 June 2017

New Blog - HaYovel: The Enemy Within

19 Sivan 5777



  1. Would like to encourage everyone to read an analysis of such individuals by Lubavich Rebbe, Likkutei Sichot, Ki Tissa to understand true nature of their actions http://www.chabad.org/therebbe/article_cdo/aid/110508/jewish/Torah-Studies-Ki-Tissa.htm

  2. Thanks, but can you please give us the names of these apikorsim; recognize some but not most. Thank you.


  3. I started two new lists on my blog's sidebar:

    Anti-Missionary Activists
    Missionaries & Their Supporters - Beware!

    I hope this will help. I linked to some sites others may not be aware of. Readers, please let me know how I can improve the message I'm trying to send, as well as who else I should add, so that it will be helpful and not do harm. It is pretty risky.

    Just keep in mind: Man cannot be G-d, and G-d will not be man. Enough said for now, although I will likely expand on that thought on my own.

    One note: It seems that Jews for Judaism's Israel Web site no longer exists, or I would have included it. Penina Taylor has gone out on her own as a public speaker.

    Although Xians and their followers tend to welcome negative attention, they can only stand it up to a point. They have been taking advantage of regular Jewish Israelis' divisions - making even their Web sites sort of a secret - long enough. Whatever we can do to out them and expose them to the harsh light of day...thank you.

  4. ...And I also noticed that "our side" (the anti-missionaries) don't write nearly as often as "their side" does. It's pretty pitifully obvious from the lists now; our side must be very active on the ground but is hardly advertising at all. The war must be fought on the Web as well as on the ground.