29 June 2017

Can There Be A Greater Chutspah!?

5 Tamuz 5777

American Conservative and Reform Jews who care nothing for the Beit Hamikdash, or about the Land of Israel for that matter, are so upset about Israeli insistence on maintaining the status quo at the Western Wall Plaza that they have inundated their Congressmen with complaints.

They are appealing to what is for us a foreign, goyische power to intervene and force us to do things their way. These are wicked people who would do such a thing. And this is in spite of the fact that a very nice, very special area of the Western Wall has already been made available to them. They davka want to make it impossible for Orthodox Jews to pray there any longer because that is what would happen if men and women were to begin mixing at the traditional prayer area off the plaza.
Usually, members of Congress are reluctant to criticize internal Israeli government decisions on most matters, but Eliot Engel, a democrat from New York, told The Jerusalem Post in a statement that interest from his constituency compelled him to speak out.
...Another New York Democrat, Nita Lowey, “strongly urged” the premier on Wednesday to change course.
"As a member of Congress who has advanced the US-Israel relationship throughout my career, I strongly urge the government of Israel to reverse its decision to suspend the previously approved plan to create a pluralistic prayer pavilion at the Western Wall," Lowey told the Post. "The majority of Jews around the world consider Israel their ancestral homeland, and Israel should provide an opportunity for all Jews, men and women, to have egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall."
And Jerry Nadler, also a Democrat from New York, was harshest of all, saying in a press release the decision should "disappoint everyone who extols Israel as a champion of religious freedom and a model of pluralism."

All three members of Congress are Jewish, and represent some of the largest Jewish communities in the United States.
American Jewry is digging its own grave. They will pay a very heavy price for having instigated this.

US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has "urged the parties to re-engage with each other" to resolve crisis between Israeli government, US Jewish leaders.
Where, oh where is Mashiach!!!! Naftali Bennett reportedly said that US Jews feel they were slapped in the face by Israel. Somebody needs to slap them and hard! Maybe then they'll finally wake up!! (Not holding my breath.)


  1. Right before I came to the blog and after I made the mistake of reading certain news stories about current happenings which I can hardly process.. I said exactly that "Where, oh where is Mashiach!!!!" How much more can we take? Sorry, I really don't think too much more. I know that we have to hang on and we are not in charge of world.. but I am simple person, and every day becomes more difficult than the next.. Leah R

  2. Love the way these 'false' Jews love to say 'the majority' of Jews in the diaspora feel the way these apikorsim feel (i.e., reform & other cultists). It's the just the ignorant reform Jews who don't even understand what's happening in the Jewish world who scream this hatred and stupidity which just proves this point by going to the non-Jewish powers to complain. There's their sin already. And they have the chutzpah to complain about 'religious' matters? They don't even believe in G-D, let alone His holy Laws/Torah! Evil has no bounds, nor shame. They are promoting this uproar only because there's an agenda behind this scheme which is the undoing of Torah Judaism, c'v.

  3. Do you have a Translation for the Newest from dani18.com ?
    Six new massages from Meir Yisroel
    No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6
    מסר אחרון:
    התמימים עליהם יבנה העולם - בנימין, י"ג סיון תשע"ז - טקסט - הקלטה

    1. Try using google translator for the most part and me has obviously mastered translation.

    2. No, I don't have the time. The messages from Meir Yisroel are already translated though.

  4. Let me write you the principle how things always happen if one conceeds to people that don't follow the will of Hashem.:
    E.g. Kotel
    1. They want also to pray there, but not like everyone in the world, but accd to their ways.
    2. They want an own area
    3. They want a connection ti the main area
    4. They want to pray accd to their ways in the main area
    5. They also want a representative in the vaad of the kotel
    6. They want to be the Rav of the Kotel
    7. They change the place accd go their ways
    8. They forbid wirship other than their own way
    9. They push their way on others
    10. They want you to be as wicked as themselves
    11. They wan ti fully dominare you in all aspects of your life

    These are the steps.
    Remember, their only target is to make everyone wicked an tamei like themselves. They don't want to pray, etc. It's all a show to reach the true goal. Every goi can pray at the kotel, men in mens part, woman in womans part, only they cannot?!

    What pure evilness!

  5. First make sure you are not listening to fake news about Friedman. If the news is true, this cannot be. Isn't Friedman Orthodox? Or is he Conservative? According to some bio written about him, he is the son of a Conservative Rabbi. So perhaps he's Conservative. Don't know. It cannot be that Jewish congressmen get to interfere with Israeli politics that much. We didn't elect these Jewish congressmen who are probably not religious anyway.

  6. Great example of Erev Rav people.

  7. Why doesn't anyone say it like it is! Most of these egalitarian people are NOT JEWISH al pi Halacha! People are being deluded into thinking the Israeli govt is going against Jews. The facts are being washed over by rhetoric, lies and confusion. That is why the Israeli public does not agree with the Rabbanut. It's like the leftists in America that try to force everyone to do as they do. An abomination. British leftists are now trying to force a Viznitz girls (very young) into learning about sickening gender fallacies. The world is really going bonkers.
    After they subdue ISIS we will be left with the war between the sick leftists and the moral conservatives, i.e., the immoral against the moral. One should listen to Rabbi Mizrachi on this. He's the only Rabbi I know to speak true Torah outlook.

  8. Reform "Jews" don't even require mikveh immersion or circumcision for converts. How can there be compromise with that?

    As an American with experience with the American left, the leftists will ultimately want to perform gay marriage at the wall. This is why they want full control with no oversight.

    Just say no to the American left.

  9. I want get angry anymore because HaShem always wins, it is up to them how they going to arrive to that conclusion the hard way or the easy way... Shavuah Tov...