11 June 2017

Why Is "Christian Aliyah" Being Promoted Today?

17 Sivan 5777
Shavua tov!

As Christian Zionism changes, attacks on Judaism are becoming more overt. The bulk of the shift in Christian Zionism is a result of the growing international dominance of charismatics who reject the concept of being raptured and stress the conversion of Jews to trigger the end times.
In their version of the end times drama, they do not watch idly from the grandstands of heaven after being raptured but remain on earth to fight evil and the anti-Christ themselves. It is Jesus who remains in heaven until the job is completed and a Christian Israel calls out for his return. This cleansing of the earth is done by the combined forces of charismatic or “spirit-filled” Christians and their Messianic partners, the term applied to Jews who convert but retain Jewish identity. The shorthand catchphrase for this distinctive end times narrative involving converted Jews is “one new man in Yeshua.”
Not surprisingly, the growing importance of converts in the end times narrative is encouraging a new wave of proselytizing to convert Jews to Christianity. As Hagee’s Jewish allies are quick to point out, he publicly opposes proselytizing, but much of his organization’s leadership and events are hosted by those who have embraced this “one new man” ideology and you can find it throughout Christian Zionist media. Hagee also publicly endorsed a Messianic ministry in Israel.
...By repenting of the Holocaust and allowing Messianics to retain their Jewish identity, these Christian Zionists teach that the stumbling blocks will be removed and Jews will convert in large numbers.

...Another stated goal of the Christian Zionist/Messianic partnership is to fight antisemitism. However while they are very anxious to defend Israel from an Islamic world they view as a common enemy, this conceals the fact that they are equally determined to save Israel from Judaism.
In "Your People Shall Be My People", Finto quotes convert Dan Juster as stating “Rabbinic Judaism is a more severe departure from biblical faith than I had ever realized in my early days of Jewish recovery… We who are Jewish are biblical New Covenant Jews, not Rabbinic Jews!”
...We already are seeing the onset of disillusionment with Jews who resist playing their assigned prophetic role. Believing themselves to be better Jews than the Jews, Christian Zionists step in to fill the role themselves. Like the British Israelites of the last century, today a group calling themselves Ephraimites believe themselves to be the true Israelites. But unlike the British Israelites, they are multiracial, including Whites, Blacks and Latinos, and even international.
Members of Israel’s Likud Party are working with these Ephraimites and other Christian Zionists through World Likud, headed by Danny Danon. Following a 2007 conference in Texas with Likud leaders, Joel Bell and friends launched a new organization called Worldwide Biblical Zionism (WBZ) to provide housing, legal assistance, employment aid, and military training to Christian Zionists who wish to make aliyah to Israel and the West Bank. [This role has now passed to HaYovel.]
Several leaders in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government participated in the inaugural WBZ event on November 16, 2008, including Gideon Sa’ar, current Minister of Education; Ayoob Kara, Deputy Minister of Development of the Negev and Galilee; and Yulie Edelstein, Minister of Information and Diaspora Affairs. Much of the outreach in the United States has been by Sagiv Assulin, the Knesset Leader of the Young.
One group reporting contact with Assulin is the Messianic Israel Alliance (MIA), whose name is misleading since the organization is comprised of Ephraimite Christians who believe they have a right to land in Israel. Before their 2008 national convention, they formed a “Provisional Israelite Council in Exile” and demanded their “inalienable right of return to their biblical inheritance and historical territory located in current Samaria and Judea.”

...It is not clear whether WBZ will succeed in bringing substantial numbers of Christians to the West Bank even as Christian Zionist funds continue to flow to the region; Ariel, described as the capital of “Samaria,” has a swimming pool named for CUFI director Billye Brim, located in the “John Hagee Building.” In fact, there are signs of a backlash within Likud against Christian Zionism that could interfere with the Ephraimites fulfilling their hopes. Moshe Feiglin is among the most right-wing of Likud politicians, but he recently disengaged from his partnership with Christian Zionists. He wrote in the Jewish Press,...

"The Christian conquest is much more dangerous than the Muslim conquest because it is not direct. It is not violent. Embracing and supportive, it connects with Israel against the Muslim enemy. It supports a Jewish Land of Israel in its entirety – even speaking up for the sanctity of the connection between the Nation of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel. It just forgets to specify which Nation of Israel and which Torah."
The preceding was an excerpt from an excellent expose written by Rachel Tabachnick in 2010. The WBZ has since been replaced with B'ney Yosef, Commonwealth of Israel (COI) and their practical arm - HaYovel. But, as you will recall from recent quotes, the Biblical Zionism terminology remains.

The reader may be wondering why they receive the backing of the government of Israel? It is because it serves a greater agenda... 


  1. Is there any connection between the Zionism as discussed in this post, with Chaim Clofene's Zionism mentioned here:
    http://palmtreeofdeborah.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/so-much-apostasy-so-little-time.html - is Chaim Clorfene taking a different route or he is part of this Xtian agenda? Just wondering. ANN

  2. It appears the spirit of Pekach, son of Remaliah of Israel is alive and well in the Christian form of the modern Ephraimite movement. (Isaiah 7:5,6) This current manifestation is attempting, albeit with "love and kindness" to march against Judah and destroy it with the intent of setting in a new "king", Yeshu, and overthrow Hashem's Davidic kingship. This is a dangerous thing. The foundation of it is one that desires the Jewish people be destroyed spiritually by being enticed to accept what Christianity has to offer (which boils down to idolatry) yet presenting it as a friendly, lovely thing. It is the height of deception, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Hopefully, your efforts to try to get through to people to wake up to what is happening will bear fruit, and soon.

  3. One has to face it. The biggest enemy of torah and peace in the world are not the Arabs or other goyishe oijewim or soinim, but the Erev Rav and it's tentacolous grip on the whole world. These "Zionist" are essentially opposed to Torah... all this Land of Israel babbeling is also just to allure a lot of jews into loyality to them. Face it, unfortunately a lot of frum dati leumi people still enter the army and risking their life for the whims of the Erev Rav. All this Christian obsession is nothing new, already Herzl imach shemo, pleaded for mass-conversion of the jewish olam. In my opinion the option of a direct war between the torah true jews and the Erev Rav is already lost, bc as the Chazon Ish said "they are criminals with weapons". We should focus on Torah learning and Mitzvot in manner to arouse Hashem to destroy them for all eternity. There is no realistic other possibility. If you oppose them openly, their Gestapo like secret service act with full cruelty against you. It's not worth to play with this. The clever warfare is stealth. Let's focus on our chiuv and Hashem will do the job. Anyhow their time is counted... as we will see soon. Vajehi binsoa haaron...

    1. We can only fight them indirectly by appealing to the hearts and minds of good Jews who might become confused by them unless we educate and inform them.

  4. You should show the real Biblical Zionism leader https://www.google.co.il/search?q=pope+with+star+of+david.&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwijmK_rxLXUAhVlCcAKHbDRB0kQ_AUIBigB&biw=1366&bih=662#imgrc=Zcn60nnTX3m4sM:
    “Star of David” gained popularity as a symbol of Judaism when it was adopted as the emblem of the Zionist movement in 1897(http://www.jewfaq.org/signs.htm). Sun is Universal Deity. Christianity is based of Sun/Son worship. Right from the zodiac are a pair of sun crosses, which are derived directly from the cross formed by joining solstices and equinoxes and the ring formed by the 12 signs of the zodiac.
    The book, which talks about hexagram is Sefer Raziel HaMalakh.The tradition around the book attributes it to have been revealed to Adam by the angel Raziel. The Book of Raziel explains everything from Astrology of the planets in our solar system, and explains how the creative life energy starts with a thought from the spiritual realms, transcending into speech and action in this physical world. It features an elaborate angelology, magical uses of the zodiac, gematria, names of God, protective spells, and a method of writing magical healing amulets. Creation of these kind of amulets and drawing certain formulas would constitutes this form of teaching as practical kabbalah (kabalah Maasit). (Rabbi Chaim Vital). Isaac Luria, who opposed Kabbalah Ma'asit and forbade his students from writing amulets and using other techniques of practical Kabbalah. He taught that in our generations, without the Temple in Jerusalem and its ashes of the Red Heifer to purify, the pursuit of the realm of practical Kabbalah by a person with an impure body is very detrimental and pervasive. It is contrasted with the mainstream tradition in Kabbalah of Kabbalah Lyunit that seeks to explain the nature of God and the nature of existence through Chasidut study and Jewish meditative techniques.
    Jewish nation do not need any symbol to be associated with like any other nations do, but we must associate with our Torah only.

    1. Thanks, Chana. I had never seen that before, but I sort of suspected it anyway.

  5. Wonderful post and wonderful comments!
    This spiritual war is the most evil of all. Your blog is literally performing the greatest mitzvah for this time of history! Chazak!!! nili