12 July 2016

Erev Rav Spectacle at Har Habayit

6 Tamuz 5776

All of our holy places are under assault - from Kever David to Kever Yosef, the Me'arat HaMachpelah, Kever Rachel and Har Habayit. Some of the worst Erev Rav in Eretz Yisrael gathered today to push the NWO agenda for the Temple Mount and it was live-streamed over Facebook.

Just like their predecessors who hijacked the return to Zion and turned Israel into a "democratic" state like all the others, this bunch is bound and determined to turn the Temple Mount into "a House of Prayer for all Religions".

No doubt some well-meaning Jews have been seduced into joining them out of nationalistic and political motivations, but they must be warned about the true nature of what they getting involved with. Maybe, if they had been home watching, it might have occurred to them that something was not quite right when a well-known xian missionary (resident in Eretz Yisrael) was interviewed and proclaimed to be "one of the holiest people in the world". Or, it might have raised some doubts when an apostate Jew turned "messianic" missionary (resident in Eretz Yisrael) was interviewed like a comrade-in-arms.

And once again, the talk turns to securing the rights of all mankind to this holy place.

I'm here to say that no one has any "right" to this place. It is a privilege that is bestowed, not a right to be taken. It belongs uniquely to HKB"H and He is the One who says who is allowed and who is not. If Jews are forbidden, then the police and the government are only acting at the behest of the true Master of the House. The rest of the Land can be conquered, but not Har Habayit. That's why David HaMelech bought and paid for it.

However, this is a separate issue. What I would like to impress on my readers is the importance of examining the motivations and the stated aims of any Temple Mount activist groups or events and reviewing who their spokesmen are and who they promote. 

When xian missionaries and apostate "messianic" Jews or even Druze or Muslim Arabs are praised and accepted as equals (or even superiors) in some "battle" for Har Habayit, you must recognize that something is seriously in error. When the stated end goal is to make it a place of prayer for all religions and promises are made to ensure the "rights" of xians as well as Jews to access it, then you have to know that something is seriously wrong. And stay away from it.

The birur is ongoing - make sure you are on the right side of it.