17 July 2016

All Praise and Thanks to HKB"H for His Great Mercies!

11 Tamuz 5776

Baruch Hashem and Todah l'El for such mercy as He has shown His children today! A horrible tragedy was averted in Holy Yerushalayim. Everyone I know passes through this spot on a regular basis. I can't praise and thank Hashem enough for this nes!!

Chasdei Hashem: Terrorist Armed with Multiple Bombs Apprehended in Downtown Jerusalem on Sunday Morning


  1. great great miracle, but the wicked ones also have free will and will not give up and try again.

    1. May the Arabs come for Thursdays event with all the weapons amen. 2015 4000 attendees; 2016 expected 10000 attendees

  2. I don't understand how the terrorist could enter Jerusalem (he wasn't from there). Anyway I thank His Majesty Hakadosh Baruch Hu for saving us... again

  3. My husband and I were downtown this morning, and so were several of our friends (not in the same place, we all didn't see each other; we only found out when we met for class at the OU Center.). Hubby pointed out that there were police cars blocking car traffic at the intersections from Yaffa St. to Hillel St. & King George St., and commented on it, but we didn't see anything pertaining to terrorists (like the actual scene where they had him down near what I think is the Yaffo Mercaz tahana in the videos you linked to at the Yeshiva World News site.).

    We are not usually downtown at that hour, but we had an important errand to take care of. We owe HaShem big time.

  4. Yes, amen! Thank you. Thank G-d we profile here, and we're not ashamed of it.

    Sort of reminds me of the passage our people made past a couple of mountains that had come together to squish the enemies that were plotting to attack us in the desert. The only hint to us that anything was going on was the blood coming out of the mountains...I forget where it is in the Torah. We're probably coming to it soon.

  5. I posted on it this morning, but it didn’t refresh online = so infuriating that Google.
    Here is a pic worth seeing: Terror in France, Terror in Turkey, Terror in Jerusalem

  6. I was walking the streets at about that time, when I saw the tumult I said Asher Yatzar with great kavana. Baruch HaShem !

  7. Hodu L'Hashem!
    Hashem protects and saves us an entire day! Sometimes we get to see - a lot of times we do not....
    At the same time let us not forget the "small" everyday miracles that Hashem performs for us day in and day out - Hodu L'Hashem for those, too!
    There is a beautiful website, Thank You Hashem which I joined. The host sends an email to all subscribers each week to contribute a story of Hashgacha Pratis/Thank You Hashem incident which occurred to them that week. After all submissions are in, an sheet with all the stories/incidents is sent to everyone to enjoy. Subscribing to this website has helped me to see Yad Hashem in everything! Extremely powerful for these days..... sign up, try it out, and pass along...
    Thank you Devash for all that you do! Endless appreciation and gratitude for your time, research, and mostly the hope you instill within us to just hold on....