26 July 2016

Just Sayin'...

21 Tamuz 5776


BEWARE! History likes to repeat itself.

"...making Germany great again was a dominant theme in Nazi propaganda. The mood in 1930s Germany was dark; the country had been hit especially hard by a global economic recession, and was still stinging from a humiliating defeat during the first World War fifteen years before. Adolf Hitler's main message was one of redemption for the country."  


  1. Yes. True. There are certain elements present. Trump's daughter is an Jewish geores and he enjoys working and investing with Jewish business men and women thankfully.
    Now, if he starts to blame the downfall of America on the Jews, then history will be almost identical.
    I'm glad he calls Islamic terror by it's name though. Neither candidate is wonderful, yet Clinton, in my opinion, is pure Tasha.

  2. Oops, i meant pure rasha. Auto correct...does it every time

  3. Themes in history continue to repeat because Hashem is trying to wake up the Jewish people. So we'll say Oh, yes, I remember the trouble that came our way for settling in the lands of the Gentiles and following their ways, marrying them and following their idols. But too many think the serious consequences only occurred in history.

  4. Rational Capitalist27/7/16 3:40 AM

    I'm sorry. But are you really comparing the "Art of the Deal" to the book that that anti Semite wrote? Can you even make the connection? Every time we elect new leaders we are afraid of dictatorship and for good reason. But as long as you allow citizens to bear arms and speak freely, no dictatorship is possible.

  5. And Mashiach's Main Message will be one of Redemption for the World. He will rebuild the Third and Final Temple of Jerusalem, reestablish the Davidic Monarchy and reunited the Twelve Tribes of Israel. He will teach the Nations the Noahide Covenant and Laws. And he will not fail in his mission.