11 July 2016

Transitioning from "Phase 1" to "Phase 2" of the Geulah

6 Tamuz 5776

I found something interesting in an Aish.com article written by Rabbi Pinchas Winston back in 2001. Most of you can probably recall Rabbi Winston's explanation of the messianic timetable as follows...
  • The world is destined to exist for 6000 years.
  • Techiyat HaMeitim (resurrection of the dead) must begin no later than 210 years prior to the year 6000 or 5790. (Some say 214 years.)
  • Preceding this will be 40 years of ingathering the exiles or 5750-5790.
That year was 1990, which saw the final remaining wall barring Jews from entering Eretz Yisrael fall with the collapse of the Soviet Union. And I can attest as well, that even for converts, 1990 was a pivotal year. For my family and at least one other that I know, this was the year we actually started on the path to conversion. It was as if a switch was flipped somewhere and everything changed.

When Rabbi Winston wrote his article there were "only" 29 years left in this era, but today it is only 14 years! That does not mean 14 years until Mashiach comes, God forbid, it means 14 years to finish all that still needs to be done with as well as without Mashiach.

What really intrigued me in this article was something I don't recall ever hearing before. I quote:
The transference from Phase One of the ingathering to Phase Two signals the Final Redemption under the leadership of Moshiach ben Dovid. When exactly this will happen is the big question mark in Jewish history, and the subject of many trial calculations and controversy.
However, the Zohar (Bereishit 118a) says that just as the actual birth of a child becomes increasingly obvious with time, so, too, will Moshiach's arrival eventually become so obvious that even a school child will be able to make the calculation.
What is important to us is that as the moment of transition from Phase One to Phase Two approaches, one can expect miracles to become increasingly more obvious, free will to become increasingly reduced, and world history to become increasingly more precarious.
So, this is what we are watching for. As someone who believes that Nibiru exists and is going to pass our planet leaving catclysmic changes in its wake, this would appear to be the transition-marking event, perhaps a parallel to Yam Suf for this generation. The "Planet of Crossing" - crossing over from this reality to a new reality. On one side Mashiach is hidden and so is Hashem, but on the other side, is revelation and renewal.

We know from the source in the Zohar that the "star" is supposed to be visible for forty days. What better forty-day period than the traditional Forty Days of Awe from Rosh Chodesh Elul -the traditional month of repentance - through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - the traditional time of Judgment? We will then have entered into the Hebrew year 5777 - three sevens, the number of completion. Will Ben David be revealed at the very close of the "motzaei shvi'it" year so as to give mankind the longest possible opportunity for teshuvah

This is speculation on my part, but we only have eight weeks until we know for sure. Time grows very short indeed. Make the most of it!


  1. I just found something. Look familiar? נעבירו Nah-ah-bi-ro meaning "we will cause him to pass". Thoughts anyone?

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. I addressed the Hebrew origin of the name on the Tracking Nibiru blog...

      Quote: You may wonder why I call it "Nibiru" as opposed to "Planet X" or "Planet Nine". This was its ancient name from the time when all the languages originated with Hebrew. You'll notice that the words Hebrew, Ivri, and Nibiru share some consonants in common - in lashon hakodesh they should be ע-ב-ר.

      According to Sumero-Akkadian linguists, the word "nibiru" means "the place of crossing". The Hebrew avor (עבר) means to cross over or pass through. Avraham Avinu was called an Ivri - a Hebrew - because he "crossed over"' and stood on the other side against the whole world.

      I think the people who named this planet Nibiru co-existed with Avraham Avinu and so named it because it "crossed over" or "passed" between the Earth and the Sun in their days. I think this is what caused the land to separate into the seven continents at that time.

    2. Though it is speculative, would be interesting to know if any connection exists between the Tower of Babel and the previous passing of Nibiru.

      Perhaps the post-flood perceived the flood as being caused by Hashem via the means of the original passing of Nibiru and thus sought to create a technologically advanced tower (some say "space ship") in anticipation for Nibiru's post-flood passing and featuring counter-measures to negate Nibiru's effects on the Earth (or at least limited to the tower and its vicinity).

    3. That does not comport with the commentaries. When we're attempting to fill in the gaps of knowledge with speculation, the ideas we come up with have to take the known facts into consideration.

  2. How very interesting indeed....

  3. Very good Devorah. I like the linking of Nibiru with Ivri and ‘crossing over’. Some say that this “Star” i.e. Nibiru was pivotal during the “exodus” from Mitzrayim, and during Mei Noach, and soon to be another critical mass experience for Jews.

  4. The year 1990 was the beginning of my family's "trek" toward Judaism also. I appreciate all that you do on this blog and nibiruiscoming blog. Keep up the good work. Btw, my chavrusa and his wife, as well as myself, believe that we have seen "the orb" with our own eyes over that past week...Looking forward to the fulfillment of Malachi in this regard.

    1. Thanks! Well, maybe it won't even wait for Elul.

  5. Also, another interesting thing. 5777 = 26 (Hashem's name).

  6. A time 2 times and half a time. Calculation of the dor halfaguh every 1656 yrs the Star causes a poleshift. Inner layers of the earth are made up of rock that gathers water molecules like porose type of clay . At current estimates it is enough to surpass the current level of all the ocean combined x 3 ... when the shift happened water pressure forced up caused all the volcanos to erupt and thereby instantly turning massive amounts water into rain ..

  7. "Nothing is new under the sun." Did you know that this last perverted generation before the Messianic era is a combination (meaning reincarnation) of the two worst generations in the history of this world? Both the immoral generation of the flood (moved by selfish physical material desires) and the Babel Tower (moved by a twisted ideology to go against Hashem). Among the Jews, we are a collection of all the losers throughout the generations of Am Israel who failed in their tests, so now we have a last chance to correct ourselves or get destroyed for eternity, every individual Jew has the heavenly assistance to do teshuva according to their merits and past sins, not everyone is provided with the same type of environment, difficulties, spiritual clarity and help. The majority of us are a reincarnation of the generation of the desert that saw the first redemption in Egypt (per Alon Anava quoting a mekubal). Unfortunately, most of the Jewish organizations and governments in Israel and the diaspora are controlled by the erev rav. As I learned from one of rabbi Mizrachi's shiurim, that's what the Gemara says: https://youtu.be/xEk6Im4UKPA?t=5025 (from minute 1:23:45). It's in the biblical codes that Obama is the reincarnation of Nimrod and Sancherib himself (Nathan the kid "prophet" called him Gog), a combination of both Edom and Ishmael. Here's the code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZMPEsvuS74. The so-called New World Order that wants the earth to have less than 500 million people under a single government ruled by them and a fake religion (just like they had a single language with Nimrod) is an old secret powerful organization that is funding terror groups like ISIS to create chaos around the globe (those islamic terrorists have no idea who is behind their money), maybe even put some nuclear bombs in Western cities and generate tsunamis in order for them to have control under the request of the panicking survivors after such a terrible Gog Umagog between the nations, and they will go united against king Mashiach Ben David. There will be included among the wicked many Jewish traitors, erev rav and garbage smolanim who won't accept the rule of Hashem's Torah in the Land of Israel. Jesuits in the Catholic church are part of this evil organization. They will invade Israel and Hashem will take care of them once and for all (Zechariah 14), the creatures in hell are preparing a whole amusement park to receive them. You would vomit just by reading what's going to be their end. See this video by Yuval Ovadia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQIOIOBhr84. This is so crazy! I'm no fan of conspiracy theories. Even with all the evidence and sources, I refused to believe completely until I read a message from one of the autistic kids: http://dani18.com/index.php?show=P166E ... They think the Satan is going to save them, they don't realize Samael is nothing more than a servant of the Master of Universe, not an independent power.

    1. Thanks for putting it all in a nutshell.

  8. "Nibiru was pivotal during the “exodus” from Mitzrayim". With all due respect, nothing could be further from the truth! I read that comment, and I can not remain silent. While I'm sure you meant well and believe 100% in Toras Moshe...this statement you wrote has zero basis in our Mesorah. First of all, the Torah and the midrash explain and expound on the Ten Makos and Kiriyas Yam Suf. The Hagaddah is very explicit that Hashem took us out of Mitzrayim "Lo al yidai malach.....ela, biChvodo uViatzmo"! Period. We have NO right to add or subtract from the Torah and the words of Chazal. It's one thing if you believe there is such a thing as Nibiru and it's effects, that's your opinion. It's an entirely different when one makes a statement as fact, that Nibiru, or any thing other than is written in The Torah or Divrei Chazal, played a role in Yetzias Mitzraim.
    I am a big proponent of respecting everyone's opinion about, and our hopes for an immediate Geulah. But these statements can NOT be left unchecked. That creates a slippery slope. That is how otherwise Torah abiding Yidden go off the derech. It always starts with something small and innocent. That's how we get the reformers,reconstructionists, and all the other toa'vas that poison Klal Yisroel. Again, I'm sure your intentions were completely "le'shaim Shamayim", and I would never question your Yiras Shamayim. Nevertheless, this statement/post should be removed, lest someone think that it was a star, chas vishalom, that took us out of Mitzrayim. It was Hakadosh Baruch Hu with a Yad chazakah uviZroah Netuyah! May that happen once again bikarov, NOW!

    Hayim Regensberg

    1. I have to agree. I never connected the passage of Nibiru to either the Flood or the Makot. I do however think it is a possibility that it could have caused the division of the land into continents at the time the Tower of Bavel project was abandoned. For one thing, it doesn't come around often enough to be responsible for all these major events.

    2. You are correct Hayim, I wrote “only some say” not that it is Emes. HaShem is in control of ALL of Life and its Happenings. The comment was not not intended to indicate something other than G–D is in control. After all G–D is in control of Nibiru too. Some things in Science correlate and some things contradict. How this could ONLY be a “cause” at the time of the Tower of Bavel and at NO other time is selective estimation. None of our “discussing of this possible eventual event” is written in stone. We do not claim to hold all the answers. Everything is subject to what HaShem will Will.

  9. Ginno put everything in perspective for all to understand. Thanks.
    Also, to Unknown, agree with you wholeheartedly, except that we know that H' uses His forces of nature to do His Will, so the star is only a siman of the times we are at now before the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu. Hard to imagine anyone with any intelligence today to think that the star itself has any power, other than being another creation of H'. We, ma'aminim bnei ma'aminim, know everything, everything is min HaShamayim, from H'.

  10. Devash, my comment was not directed at what you wrote in your blog. I agree that what you wrote was clear and can not be misconstrued as something that is against our mesorah.

    Neshama, I did note that you wrote "Some say that this “Star”..." Unfortunately "some say" alot of things that are either in contradiction to our Torah/Mesorah or are simply added to what we are taught by our Chachamim, thus distorting our Toras Emes.

    I will quote what Devash wrote here in response to an earlier comment on this very thread of comments. "Devash12/7/16 9:48 AM
    That does not comport with the commentaries. When we're attempting to fill in the gaps of knowledge with speculation, the ideas we come up with have to take the known facts into consideration."

    While we can speculate all day long as how the Geula, may it be right now, will unfold....by all means. Of course those opinions have to be rooted in complete emunah and bitachon in Hashem and His complete Omnipotence and Ubiquity. However when it comes to events that Chazal already commented on and explained to us (whether we understand their words or not)we are NOT allowed to interject anything that they have not mentioned.

    Neshama, I briefly looked at "The Jewish View … how it is connected to Geula" and again, they are speculating on future events, and of course within the parameters of Emunah and Bitachon in Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

    Thank you all for, for all your input and responses.

    Hayim Regensberg

  11. FYI, in case everyone is wondering where Moshiach is: Rabbi Arush shlita mentioned in his shiur tonight the following allegory:
    A king's son was set to marry. Everything was prepared on the appointed day, except the King did not come! Everyone waited and waited and finally the son came to the King and asked him why he wasn't coming. The King replied: "All of your siblings are still not here! How can I come to the wedding while your brother is still in Turkey?"
    Then Rabbi Arush commented:
    You ask why Moshiach hasn't come, there is going to be a big wedding and a lot of joy then! And you all think you are worthy for Moshiach, nu admit it. So where is Moshiach?
    The King is not coming until all of his children are here. Some are in Turkey, in Afganistan, wherever. How people are sinning/straying! (to'im) How can I be happy when they are where they are, in complete darkness? They are in Internet and Facebook. You don't need to travel to Turkey - Internet and Facebook are worse than all the Turkeys, all the avoda zarot (idol worships) that ever were in the world, worse than all the Gehinnom in this world, they are worse! An Iphone is worse than all this. How can I go to the wedding and be happy when your brothers are lost in such darkness and sins?! Where are they? I cannot enter.
    And he stressed the importance of spreading emuna and especially the light of thanking Hashem in every circumstance and especially for the difficulties.

    My comment: There you have it. We aren't crazy, everything is ready and the wedding is already late. Hashem is waiting for us to do teshuva. Rabbi Arush said earlier in the shiur, that means WANTING to cling (dabek) l'Hashem, and begging Hashem with our whole heart and soul to save us from all the teivot and ra (lusts and evil) that we have and spending 30 minutes a day wanting one thing in spirituality. For men he recommends that be canceling teivat neuf (sexual lust), for women, he recommends emuna but says we can choose something we feel we need.

  12. "...still in Turkey...." - meaning outside the Land of Israel. The "wedding" is in Jerusalem. We're waiting for the rest of the family to arrive in Eretz HaKodesh. That's what we're waiting for. But, He won't wait forever.