17 July 2016

Relive The Horror Every Day

11 Tamuz 5776

Worldwide media coverage makes it possible to relive the horror every day following another terrorist atrocity. As if the initial shock of hearing about it was not bad enough, now the trauma can be built upon - trauma by trauma - as we read the sickening details and view the pictures and videos.

One of the hardest things in life is to learn to control our emotions. Today, few people even try. After all, haven't the experts been telling us for at least the last fifty years to "let it all out" and not to suppress our feelings? Now, we are reaping the damage this false philosophy has caused as the entire world is being manipulated by two of the most dangerous and destructive emotions - anger and fear. 

Logic and reason can't get a handhold where anger and fear have taken over. The so-called Elites know this and created ISIS as the common enemy which they intend to use to bring the world into "unity". 

Some lessons they would like you to learn about ISIS...
  • ISIS crosses all borders - they are everywhere. They cannot be stopped.
  • They are the monster under your bed. You can never know where they will strike next.
  • Traditional means of war are ineffective against them. 
  • They are as much a threat to "moderate" Muslims as they are to Xians and Jews.
  • The world must unite in its resolve to conquer the ISIS threat - no matter what the cost.
I guess they thought this would be easier to pull off than a fake alien invasion from space.

But, we know the One Who is above all!

Just remember: The main thing is not to fear at all!
(Mi she'ma'amin lo mefached)
Whoever believes does not fear!

[Note: It's suggested to listen to the song only and not to view the video.]

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