25 July 2016

Trapped in a Delusion

19 Tamuz 5776

I hear American Jews talk about the US elections and it boggles my mind that they still maintain this illusion that the election process is real - that the people voting are really the ones doing the electing - when in fact, it is rigged, probably years in advance.

Donald Trump 1988 on Oprah Show - Being President of the United States 27 years ago!

The only explanation I can think of is that their attachment to Eisav blinds them to the truth regarding this particular subject.

How any "Orthodox" Jew can listen to Donald Trump's egotistical and narcissistic pontificating about "Making America Great Again" and actually believe there is any chance of it, much less desire such an eventuality, well... The same explanation applies.

How can any "Orthodox" Jew, knowing that Israel is a nation that dwells alone and understanding that every nation on earth will turn against Israel at the End of Days, still talk about this or that candidate being "pro-Israel" as if 1) it is good for the Jews, and 2) that attitude can't change overnight. These "pro-Israel" Gentiles are supportive of the Erev Rav regime - not Torah Jews - because it is a little clone of themselves. The moment Mashiach comes forward to take the helm of state, all bets are off.

Take it from someone who knows, the very best of the Gentiles in America are antisemitic in their hearts. That's because the nicest and most moral of the lot who today wrap themselves in blue and white as well as red, white and blue have not been unaffected by New Testament theology. If you listen closely, you can even hear it in casual remarks about "ultra-Orthodox" Jews or "the rabbis" meaning those who wear black hats. 

If you find yourself on the wrong side of this and if any of my words hit home with you and you realize that what I'm telling you is true, get out! Please, get out while you still can. Many, many American Jews are going to be trapped in this delusion. And they will share Eisav's fate just like the 4/5ths who remained in Egypt. Please, don't be one of them!