01 July 2016

Whittling Away at Authentic Judaism Under the Banner of "Orthodoxy"

25 Sivan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

God must not be our top priority, says Orthodox rabbinical revolutionary

Putting God Second.” The very title of Donniel Hartman’s new book sounds sacrilegious, heretical, an assault on the Divine and on faith in the Divine.

But of course, it can’t possibly be that, can it? It’s written, after all, by an Orthodox rabbi. By the president of Jerusalem’s Shalom Hartman Institute, an educational powerhouse dedicated to invigorating Judaism.

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is the Binding of Yitzchak. Avraham Avinu was found worthy to become the root soul of the Jewish People because he did not withhold even his beloved son Yitzchak from God. But, "Orthodox" kefirah has an answer to that, too.

"I am of the opinion that Abraham, by being prepared to do so, to execute his son, failed the test. I think that the reading of the binding of Isaac should be different from the conventional approach as some Hasidic texts indeed seem to suggest."  (Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo)

Our relationship with Hashem is the Primary Relationship. Before anything else was, it was us and Hashem and at the very end, when nothing else is, it's still just us and Hashem.

This is why I call myself a Torah Jew and not an Orthodox Jew. So-called "Open-Orthodoxy" has made the term meaningless. And I hate to say it, but as soon as there became a "Modern Orthodoxy", it was only a matter of time.

~Shabbat Shalom~


  1. Anytime you have a group of Jews that make a name for themselves in order to exclude other Jews, you already have problems. Either one is part of Bnei Yisrael, or not. We are supposed to be goy ECHAD baaretz (ONE people in the land). It seems as if Nathan Cordozo is excluding himself.


  2. I was at Ohr Samayach in 1991, when Rabbi Cardozo was on staff. I shake my head when I see what he's up to today.

  3. Mister Cardozo is a ger from Holland. I saw already some errors long time ago. When i choose a Rabbi to follow explanations of halacha, i make sure to follow one with strong Jewish roots. Halacha is not a joke that can be replaced by some high level of apicorous thinking. Shabbat is shabbat, kosher is kosher, etc.
    i wish all of my fellow Jews to keep the Shechina pure in you. Don't let you fool by free thinkers. Hold on Hashem, halacha and the pure words of Torah. Keep shabbat in happiness and with all our Jewish rules.
    Shabbat shalom.

    1. Your comment may be right in this case, but in general at several steps in our history the torah, nigleh venistar was transmitted by gerim and bnei gerim. Without them there would be no torah today. I suggest to screen people not by their yichus, but by their adherence to toras emes. Yichus azmi is the most important yichus. Shabat shalom

    2. I know that Orna would never make such a generalization. She was just giving background. I know that Iron was not suggesting that she did. I'm just saying.

    3. Right. The concept of combining free thinking by a Ger results in a disaster. Wrong formula. Opposite to rabbi Akiva, with disastrous results.
      A Jewish NESHAMA of a real GER will not make this choice.

  4. This outright kefirah from the so-called modern orthodox world has been going in full gear for the last ten years; we know it was there long before but the outright no-shame of these new reformists have really shown their hand with groups like Open Orthodoxy (oxymoronic) and rabbis such cardozo, angel, riskin, weiss and the list goes on. Believe the reason for all this kefirah is because they have joined the nwo religion of it's all the same, c'v. This Hartman institute has always been more like conservative towards reform.

    It's all being pushed at lightening speed. Those who are supposedly religious but don't know Torah and follow this heresy better start learning what a Jew is or they made their evil choice.

    For any 'rabbi' to say G-D is second in importance has already committed a chilul H' of unprecedented proportions. G-D has to be the only and primary reason for everything to a believing Jew!


  5. This does not surprise me in the least from the Hartman clan.

    It is so sad that Jews are listening to him and Weiss and others.

    They're following their feelings, which I will call a middah of Esau (The West), instead of halakha, which is what Ya'aqov would do.

  6. well said. anyway, WHY use a term ("orthodox") created by an OPPONENT of Torah observance, Abraham Geiger, father of "reform" in 19th century Germany?

  7. There is a comment on this at Hyehudi:


    By: Yehuda

    1. I have mixed feelings about writing this comment here, and will not do such a thing again, if Tomer Devorah doesn't want.

      That blogger's comments are closed, so now I am talking about his (her?) blog on someone else's site, and providing free publicity?

      I post a link or two to my site, too, for convenience's sake, but I leave comments open, so that another blogger isn't taking responsibility for my job.

      Unintentional or not, I'm sure that this is acceptable "Netiquette."

      ...And "Judaism" hasn't also been hijacked?

      "Jew" is fine, as long as we recognize that there are many "Jews" who are not considered "from Yisra'el," and may not be married, nor be counted in a minyan.

      There are many fakes out there, attempting to use "Israel," such as Christians, Christians pretending not to be Christians, any number of "tribes" and "groups" which have no evidence of belonging to Israel. (B'nei Menashe have no qualms about converting, and neither did the original Ethiopians doing "giur lehumrah. There are certainly Jews, whether they had evidence or not of their connection to Yisra'el.)

      And, of course, the Black NON-Hebrews use "Hebrew."

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