19 July 2016

The Rabid Dogs Have Been Turned Loose

13 Tamuz 5776

And they are frothing at the mouth. What a spectacle!

In case, you don't keep up with the Israeli news, the latest uproar involves words of Torah spoken by a rabbi. Yep! That's all it takes today to get a firestorm going.

I won't link to all of the many articles that have come out over the past few days because they don't come to inform but to assassinate character, foment discord, cast aspersions on the holy Torah and those who teach it, and to further propagandize the public.

However this one puts the whole battle in a nutshell and clearly draws the line in the sand - "Mi l'Hashem elai"...

Outrage signals growing moderate religious voice


If you would like to make a public show of support for Rabbi Yigal Levenstein...

"Rabbi Levinstein was addressing an assembly of over 700 rabbonim and leaders of the dati leumi community from Israel and abroad, using the forum to blast ongoing efforts by the IDF Education Corps to diminish the authority of the IDF Chief Rabbinate and advance an agenda that accepts Reform Jewry, a to’eva lifestyle secularism over observance of Torah and Mitzvos, and female combatants; speaking out in the strongest terms against all of the above-mentioned items." (Source)

Please sign the petition HERE.
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For the sake of the sanctification of God's name, the honor of the Holy Shechinah and the kedushah of the Holy City Yerushalayim, please join me in praying that the abominable gaivah parade will never again take place - not this year or any other year! Thank you.


  1. IDF to Levinstein: No need to come
    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    The head of IDF personnel cancelled an appointment for Rabbi Yigal Levinstein to speak Tuesday at a mechina military academy, reports Channel 2.

    According to the report, the IDF is considering cancelling all of Levinstein's engagements to speak to IDF soldiers, after he made remarks ridiculing the LGBT community.


  2. Not sure if you'll agree, but although we cannot just ignore this issue...

    Does it Matter what Rabbi Levinstein Says?

  3. H' bless this wonderful Rabbi, Rabbi Yigal Levenstein. We have reached an era that is surreal. We can here understand why chazal of more than a thousand years ago said, they pray for the arrival of Moshiach but they don't want to be living at that time. It's too heartbreaking. nili