28 July 2016

"A Day At The Pride Parade"

22 Tamuz 5776


  1. To say that a Jew is homosexual is indeed an oxymoron. A gay living among Am Yisrael isn't Jewish.
    All world homosexuals and other sinners have no place in olam haba, their souls will be annihilated. Such people show the degeneration of the human species as created by H'. Following tikum haolam all the homosexuals will disappear.
    Their existence in the Holy Land contributes to the current violence. Their parades are in defiance of Torah and all the righteousness required by H' from his people.

  2. Pride for what? It's a shame to call yourselves Jewish gays

  3. I saw this on a facebook page that is supposed to be for righteous non-Jews led by some rabbi in Israel. The blind leading the blind I'd say.

    "I do believe in 'Live and Let Live' in a world were there is diverse arrays of sexual orientation. In the Advancing Noah Movement, the Assembly of Faith the 'Rainbow Parade' is provided for LGBTI peoples. We practice 'Pro-Gay-Tolerant' behaviour in the Advancing Noah Movement but NOT Pro-Gay. We tolerate Gay, but we still maintain that it is a slight sin or deviation from the societal norm.

    Genesis 18 teaches when a society has gay in it, if there is enough lawfulness, to not destroy that society. Genesis 19 teaches when a society has gay in it, if there is too much lawlessness, to destroy that society."


  4. In an ideal world, no-one would choose, feel or want to be 'gay'. Not every gay person acts on their desires, and I suppose there are secret, closet gays, who marry, have children etc, but they live a life of self-denial to their real desires. It must be absolutely shattering to orthodox parents if one of their offspring come out with the fact that they are gay, but I am sure most parents wouldn't 'hate' or want to reject that child.

  5. Note: "AS" poster on 29/7/16 4:12 PM is not the same AS in "...The Valueless & Diseased Agenda Of Post-Modernism".
    AS (AShmueli)

  6. me - when one reads or hears of 'rabbis' like the one you describe here; those are probably the ones who are referred to as the 'Erev Rav rabbis'. Many, if not most rabbis, at keitz hayamim will be of the erev rav.

    Also, it is obvious that there are more of them (gays) these days than ever before because even children are being indoctrinated to be proud to be 'gay' and at very early ages. The world is in chaos and there is no choice but that H' will have to cleanse the earth from all evils. Just frightening what is happening in front of our eyes these days. Also, parents have to be more vigilant today than ever before for the sake of their children. We need to pray and see to it that every Jewish child go only in the ways of H'.