10 February 2015

The Fake 'Unity'

22 Shevat 5775

Eisav knows about our secret weapon - "unity." But, what he doesn't understand, as well as many Jews, is that it's not a unity for unity's sake and it's not a fake unity with people we really have nothing in common with. It's the true unity of one heart and one mind that only comes about among the Children of Israel when they are gathered at Har Sinai - either actually or figuratively.

I came across an ad for a new book today - Unity: Awakening the One New Man. New book, same old story. Here is Amazon's blurb...

Unity - Awakening the One New Man reveals: Since the beginning, our Lord planned to single out the Nation of Israel. Then, after Messiah comes, to reunify Israel and the other Nations. The appointed time has arrived. This is the hour for Unity. Unity - Awakening the One New Man confirms: Yeshua's sacrifice as the Passover Lamb satisfies all of God's requirements for redemption and restoration to reunify the Kingdom of God. Yeshua has become our peace. This is God's plan for Unity. Unity - Awakening the One New Man explores: God's sovereign alliance between Jews and Gentiles will reunify believers. These 12 noteworthy authors, Messianic Jews and Christians, show us that understanding this vital connection fulfills the call to Unity.
You see what I mean? If not, go back and re-read the previous blogpost. These are the people Donny Fuchs is talking about in his article in today's Jewish Press.

Real Jews can unite with real Jews, but they can't unite with Xians no matter what name they are going by today. You will, however, see the Erev Rav and Jewish reshaim unifying with them in the common cause to destroy traditional Torah Judaism - that's why they all hate hareidim.

By the way, you'd think that after all this time, all this exposure to the truth, to Jewish thought and sources, that they would have begun to figure out by now that the "Passover Lamb" was the false god of Egypt. If you ask me, "the shoe fits."

Like one friend of mine likes to say: "If J*sus comes back a second time, we'll kill him again." 

Our big test to see who would merit to leave Egypt involved the public defilement and slaughter of the Egyptian god. Do we have what it takes to pass this test today?