05 February 2015

Binyamin: Questions and Answers - Part 5

16 Shevat 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin 
Jerusalem, 13 Tevet 5775

Teshuvah and Strengthening

Q. Now the days of Shovavim are beginning, but the interesting thing is that in all the conferences, etc., there is almost no mention of purity and modesty, they forget this foundational thing. How can it be...?

A. I'll explain to you what... It means Am Yisrael the evildoers, the evildoers with the Erev Rav who work together with them to bring down the level of the world, the spiritual level, and also to destroy Yiddishkeit, it's very important to them to finish off Judaism. And how are they doing it? Exactly like many times in the past when they did it. The counsel of Bilaam for example, they knew that HKB"H hates prostitution, hates lack of holiness, so what did they do? They made sure that the whole world would be without holiness, that the whole world would really be a house of prostitution, so sure the Jews latch onto it, too, and even in communities which were once the most magnificent - they have a difficult problem with holiness, but it's all part of the plan to destroy Judaism.

Q. Like at the time of Achashverosh's banquet they did it davka in Shushan, in order to destroy the Jews - also now, they're making for everyone a giant banquet like this...

A. Really the whole world. Everything - one great banquet. And with the hareidim, so maybe they'll seat the women across from the men, so there will be some sort of 'separation' like this, and maybe not at all, but it's 'as if', 'like hareidi women', but the holiness? - they've forgotten what it is altogether, how it looks, and how it acts? And not only this, people with beards and long peyot making fun of someone who desires modesty.

Q. But what a shape to be in when in the days of Shovavim they're not focusing on the main thing...

A. There's no shape to anything today, only that each one individually needs to save the situation. Each one individually needs to connect to HKB"H. And if no one else is doing it - then he has to do it.

Q. It's beyond my logic, in this situation so low, how is it relevant, is it possible to return Am Yisrael to the truth? It's not understandable to me...

A. No one from the Jews can return the people to the truth. What we can [do] - just cling to HKB"H. And when HKB"H will destroy all the Lie, and He will return us, He won't just return us, He will bring us to something much better and greater, and then, we will feel the good. Already we can't organize or do anything. Our efforts are exclusively to bond to HKB"H and not allow the evildoers to drive us crazy. To bond to HKB"H - and not to leave. And Hashem already will fight them, Hashem already will blot them out!

Q. Then our job, if so - is to be separated from all that needs to be separated from, also within our private environment...

A. Yes, and it's called 'teshuvah'. And even the goyim are saying this, those who believe, that the single thing that it's possible to do is to do teshuvah. Good, they're a bit on the wrong path, true, but it's the basis that a person can understand.

Q. There were tzadikim who spoke and said clear hints about the geulah in the year 5776...

A. Amen. I don't know when is the geulah, I only know that it's the soonest. I feel it with all my body and with all my soul. Once - I didn't feel it like this, so strongly. And you also feel it, and it's intensifying. It can't last - a world like this.

Q. A bit of chizuk, with all the transitions...

A. I want to say to you: Just be with Hashem, that's all. And don't worry, don't worry, don't worry at all. Just be with Hashem.

And 'don't worry' - and that's not to say to get into your bed and go to sleep... it's saying to bond to Hashem, to pray, to talk to Him, to consult with Him at every single moment, ask Him what to do. And He will show you. Whoever brings HKB"H to be with Him all the time - then HKB"H already will organize for him all that he needs. Whoever opens himself and allows HKB"H to enter - then HKB"H will be with him and will guard over him and will care for him in every single thing. And even if he's not this way - but he's a real-Jew who's trying very much, also for him He will take care of every single thing. But those who are Erev Rav, Hellenists, Eisav, Yishmael, all the evildoers - will all disappear. What they planned to do to the Jews - that's what will happen to them - in a way indeed slightly different, but the same idea.

Q. We need to thank Hashem for the real tzadikim remaining for us...

A. Hashem won't leave us, we have also tzadikim, and Hashem will help, and we will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach, all the real Am-Yisrael, and we'll enter finally, finally, into the serenity and the real connection with HKB"H.