28 February 2015

We're Like Living in a Movie

10 Adar 5775

We're not going to know the real story til the very end... 

For example, not everything the West says is true and not everything the East says is a lie.

Why Iran Believes ISIS is a U.S. Creation

And since when does Netanyahu get the backbone to stand up to everyone calling for him to stand down from his speech to Congress this week. If Netanyahu is full-steam ahead to go, you can bet on the fact that the opposition is all an act and that he is actually under orders of his handlers to appear.

(Google "Netanyahu has no backbone" and see how many references you get.)

So, if the US has created ISIS in opposition to Iran and at the same time is supposedly giving them permission to pursue their nuclear ambitions, which part of this is an act and to what end?

In the case of Netanyahu's speech to Congress, what does he hope to gain? Supposedly, backing for a war against Iran? And if, after the fire that has been smouldering these past weeks over his "insistence" on giving the speech despite calls to desist, he gets what he purportedly wants? How might it all go wrong and what kind of backlash will explode and burn out of control against the Jews in the US and across the world as a result?

Then Netanyahu can stand up and give the same speech to American Jews that he gave to the French Jews...

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  1. It is like a movie! This script has been written by the power brokers, all to confuse us; but in reality, the real script is the Creator's - only they think they've written it but they're just the tools being used by H', and it is His will which shall be done, but they don't understand that. It's all in the Torah and our holy Sages of yesteryear have explained it all. Boruch