09 February 2015

Binyamin: "The Global Show" - Q and A Part 2

21 Shevat 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 23 Tevet 5775
After the events in France

The Global Show - Questions and Answers

The Rise in Antisemitism

Q. You talked about the Shekhinah leaving from abroad, that here it is possible to feel more closeness to Hashem. There's an additional point here that when the Shekhinah leaves - there is less protection for Jews who remain abroad...

A. That's clear, and there's another manifestation of this, and that's the phenomenon of antisemitism, and it's clear, we're seeing it clearly. It's not like before WWII when it was mainly in Germany and these places, and this also is not right, because even in America there was enough antisemitism, in all kinds of places, and everyone remembers the signs advertising in exclusive clubs proclaiming: 'No entrance to Jews or dogs'...

Q. Is the situation like today so hard with antisemitism?

A. We are in exactly the same situation like in the same period - on the eve of WWII. The non-Jews were the same thing, it doesn't matter who, French or Polish or American, so were the great majority of the Western countries of Edom. 'Edom' was created with hatred for Jews, they were born with it, it's part of their genes. There are a few non-Jews who aren't like that, but it's not many. I heard that there is a test today that shows them how much percentage within the non-Jew, how much percentage of them is Jewish... The non-Jew can do this test [DNA] and see if he has any percentage of Jewishness... From all the mixture over time that entered into the genes. Look, what nonsense, what nonsense. The Jews are a 'unique people' and all the peoples understand they are the most belonging to HKB"H. And we're in a situation that's filled with very great sins, but always 'Daddy - it's Daddy', and that's it. We're connected, He's our Father, He's our King, and He's our Savior.

Q. His theatrical performance, the Prime Minister [of Israel] in France - it appeared like part of the election campaign...

A. No doubt about it - it's all a show, not only this, he's a part from the Edomim who is in this plan.

Q. He never speaks at all about HKB"H, in any event...

A. Netanyahu - he's not connected, he wants Jews without HKB"H, lo aleynu, he doesn't mention HKB"H at all. He's Erev Rav.

Q. What do you think about the signs in Jerusalem: 'Israel loves France', some alliance of love...

A. Those who placed these signs - they are the same people who travel to learn abroad and settle down there, or who want to be like the non-Jews. What does it mean: 'To love France'?!... They are purposely antisemites, and we don't need to flatter them. And if we don't live there - why flatter them for no reason?... Sometimes abroad, you need to flatter the non-Jews, because you have to, but here we have no need, what do we have there?... And even the Jews there shout: Why?!... For the sake of twelve people - three million people are walking in the street?!... They're saying explicitly that it's not for the sake of even one Jew there. They don't like the Jews, even though their president said: "What is this, what is France without Jews?!... It's not France." Just a lie, nonsense.

Q. Will the Jews really come to Eretz Yisrael?

A. There will be those who will arrive to the Land. But, the majority - to our great sadness they won't come. But, those who are really Jewish souls - the majority will come. You can't say that whoever doesn't come is not a real-Jew, that's not right, he can go to America, but at some stage he will come here.

Q. Do the Erev Rav have a Jewish root?

A. Even if there was some kind of lineage, the Erev Rav - they're Jews alright, but they weren't underneath Har Sinai when Hashem raised it above our heads and we said 'na'aseh v'nishmah' - but they weren't there, they were on the side. They didn't receive the Torah.

Q. The religious Jews in France are more connected to Eretz Yisrael...

A. Most of the Sephardim who are from the countries Morocco and Tunisia who came there - they're believers, among them there is not so much confusion, if there's anyone who has confusion about whether they really belong to France or not - it's the Ashkenazim there, that they went to the school, etc., or they're Reform or nearly-non-Jews, they're the ones in the most trouble, indeed there are also Sephardim, but most of the Sephardim know the truth, it's just simply comfortable for them, because they are receiving a lot of child-allowances, receiving help with home-rental, and it's simply much easier for them, from a financial point of view.

[To be continued, iy"H, in Part 3 - "Repentance and Redemption"]