18 February 2015

Treasure for a Treasured People

29 Shevat 5775
Yom Kippur Katan
Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar

"...For they will be nourished by the abundance of the seas, and by the treasures hidden in the sand." (Devarim 33.19)

'Priceless' trove of 2,000 gold coins used by 10th Century Caliphate which once ruled much of the Middle East is found off the coast of Israel

  • Largest haul ever found off Israel's Mediterranean coast
  • Divers found coins dating back more 1,000 years by pure chance
  • Thought they were toy coins before experts confirmed they were gold
  • Work ongoing to trace origins of the treasure, uncovered by storm

Interesting how Hashem saw fit to turn this treasure, purportedly belonging to a Caliphate from 1000 years ago, over to Israel at a time when another Caliphate-in-the-making is in the daily news. It's a message to the world that the days of the Caliphate is definitely over and it's a 'deposit' on what is coming to Israel in the days ahead.

"...for the abundance of the west shall be turned over to you, the wealth of the nations that will come to you." (Yeshayahu 60.5)