09 February 2015

Binyamin: "The Global Show" - Q and A Part 3

21 Shevat 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]
Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 23 Tevet 5775
After the events in France

The Global Show - Questions and Answers

Repentance and Redemption

Q. It's astounding how HKB"H is leading things to the direction of the end...

A. Right, even if someone doesn't hear the radio, doesn't see any newspaper, in any case a Jew can feel that 'it's finished' just from what is happening to him in his personal life.

Q. What, for example, is happening to a person that shows him that it's going to the direction of the end?

A. First of all, all the laws against the Jews, I'm talking about hareidi Jews, they're feeling the pressure of the government against Judaism, and in any case, real Jews can't stand it, it's bad for them. Second thing, we're seeing the new generation of youth, how weak it is, however, the more elderly are feeling that it's beginning to be the weakest. And in addition to this - the economic problem is very harsh. And they're working against us because they want to destroy the hareidim. They don't send them to work in order to help them, they're sending them to work in an intolerable situation, because, look, they're not going to earn enough money to support their families, but already there's also no child-allowances, and there's nothing else that there is in all kinds of countries, so for what is there to work?!... How will it not be, if he works let's say that he earns in an eight-hour-job five thousand sheqels - at best, but how can he live?...

They don't want him to have a lot of children, but they're 'fools', they don't understand the heart, the Jewish head, that if they will tell him: 'It's forbidden for you so many children if you don't have the money to feed them', they don't understand that the real Jews got married even in the Warsaw ghetto right before the Nazis came in, they got married, and even gave birth to children in the Warsaw ghetto. Why? Because it's what Hashem wants! We're showing Hashem that we believe in the future of Am Yisrael, and we're not afraid. And all these souls who are being born - they're bringing closer our righteous Mashiach, the complete redemption.

So, what, we won't give birth to children because the evildoers who are sitting in the Knesset decided that we don't need so many?!... No! We will continue, and continue, and Hashem will help us, like in Egypt, and we're seeing that we're like in Egypt, like the women gave birth also to triplets, also to quadruplets and even quintuplets... No! We won't bend over! It's impossible, impossible, unbearable. And if we won't have bread - then Hashem will give us mann!...

Q. On the other hand we see a great awakening among Am Yisrael...

A. True, Jews are waking up, they are beginning to see and to feel it, because it's impossible not to feel, everyone knew what happened in France, because everyone spoke about it, and there's even news now in Yiddish, in English, in Hebrew, for hareidim, in all languages, and also in French, everyone knows at least a little bit of what happened all over the world, and that also appears to them strange, because it's not logical - most of what is going on. And those evildoers think that it's possible to do, to behave towards the world as if they are all 'fools', good - maybe the non-Jews, but not the Jews...

...Whoever comes close to Hashem - does what he needs to do. Whoever rejects the unnecessary materialism - he's a tzadik, whoever lives truly according to the Torah - he's a tzadik. 

...Hashem is with us, He will help us, only, those who don't want to be real Jews - they won't survive, so there will be few Jews remaining. I know one thing: a Jew who tries to be close to Hashem, who feels that He is his Father, that he's all for His sake, then he will survive.