24 February 2015

Excerpts from Binyamin Golden's Tu B'Shevat Message

5 Adar 5775

Message from Binyamin
15 Shevat 5775, in Jerusalem

On Elections

Q. It seems to me that since they want to take over here in Israel, it's easier for them to work via the Left, to buy and to operate them, so therefore, they are fighting now against the Right.

A. No! Completely not true. It's like in America. They have the Democrats and the Republicans. The Republicans are like 'against' Obama, against what he's doing. This way they're like 'protesters,' but in action, they're passing all his laws and if they would not vote for it - it would not pass! So, there's really not two parties, there's just one party: that of the evildoers. They're the rulers - and that's it. There are Democrats like this and there are Republicans like this. And that's exactly what we have here now. All of the seculars are involved in it and also part of the hareidim. And that's the problem. The whole matter of elections - it's a joke.

Q. So, what do you recommend to people, to not participate in the elections?!...

A. What a question. Whoever votes is voting that they are pleased with this system, with this structure which is not at all Jewish, simply not Jewish.

On Purim

Q. ...what will be here in another month?

A. I don't know what will be in a month, except that it will be worse. It will be Purim and I think that we will feel the purim very strongly. Hear our words - and don't ask questions... when it will arrive, you'll see. We will feel it very strongly, the purim.

Q. What? The rescue of Purim or the decree of the purim?

A. You're asking questions... I said what I had to say.