27 February 2015


8 Adar 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Look at what we are up against!

We are to acknowledge and seek after the blessing God promises to those 
who will bless Israel, and to refuse to silence the life-changing
 Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Rabbi Riskin announces historic curriculum for Israeli schools during visit to Oklahoma

...the organization is working with the government of Israel to develop a pilot program within the high school system to have Israeli Jewish students understand the Catholic Church’s “theological turnaround toward the Synagogue: and what has been done in the half century of positive developments between both faith communities.

...The rabbi, whom Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has designated “Ambassador for Jewish-Christian Relations,” called on “our Muslim brethren, children of our common father, Abraham,” to speak out against Islamic extremism....

Learning To Embrace the Hybrid Jew
You Don't Always Have to Pick Judaism Over Another Religion

DO NOT BUY INTO THIS LIE that it is time to come together and unite with the nations and find common ground with their false religions!! 

Parshat Balak Bamidbar 23:9...
ובגוים לא יתחשב-And not be reckoned among the nations. When the final reckoning is made to punish the nations, Israel will not be included among them (Rashi). Midrash HaGadol interprets this as a reference to Israel's mission to remain separate and distinct from the nations. From this blessing that Balaam delivered against his will, we see what he had hoped to achieve (see Sanhedrin 105a): that Jews assimilate with the nations and be left with neither religion nor renown.

Rabbi Aharon Kotler, in the name of the Chaftez Chaim, Leket Reshimot Channukah by Rabbi Noson Wachtfogel, p. 41:
"I have a tradition passed down from one to another in the name of Maran HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, z"l, that in the final war before the arrival of the Mashiach all of the righteous Jews will be saved. Who are the 'righteous Jews'? Those who are separated from the non-Jews! It does not mean that they must be one of the 36 righteous individuals, rather they must be separated from the ways of the non-Jews and have no contact with their culture! Not with their newspapers, their music and books; to be entirely separated from them. Then Hashem will say: You are Mine and you are under a different authority so no one else will rule over you

Rabbi Kahane z"l, Or HaRa'ayon...
"The argument of the nations here is that we must achieve unity and break down the walls of separation. Is this not fair and logical according the the false thinking of the worshippers of foriegn culture? Is not the unity of all nations and the disappearance of the differences between Israel and the nations the goal of the Hellenists...."
"G-d decreed upon holy Israel that they must be separated from impurity and from the impure nations. The idolatry and foreign culture of the nations cannot coexist with G-d's Torah or with G-d himself."
And from the latest message from Daniel which was posted yesterday and which I have not had time to fully translate...

"...right now, Abba, we need to separate ourselves from the goyim and from the goyishness, from the immorality and from all the things that HKB"H hates...."



  1. Unbelievable! However, I remember reading that the false messiah will present himself in the end of days and many will be tested and tempted to go with him . . . its another test, a very big test.

    1. Like slaughtering the sheep-god of Egypt and putting it's blood over our doors. They do call him the "Passover Lamb." Shabbat shalom!

  2. Keep up your holy work Devorah.
    The nations have tried pogroms and holocausts to get rid of us, now they're trying a different tactic and some fools are capitulating. In these closing days of galut we must remain true to our role without compromising one iota.

    1. Amen, Elliot. Thanks for the chizuk. Shabbat shalom!

  3. I was rare person raised from birth as a Messianic by a Jewish father and gentile mother. After beginning to learn more about Torah/Judaism at the age of 17, I realized all the "rabbinic", "pharisaic" Torah, ie oral Torah that was slandered by family and friends was really the truth and had all the answers to all my questions about Torah observance and mainly spirituality, since I was raised in an extremely spiritual outlook.

    I was familiar with all kinds of brands of "messianic", from the j4j who are really just standard Christians interested in converting Jews, yimahh shemam, to the messianic groups who actually embraced oral Torah.

    I ended up ditching it all, converting and 4 years later here I am an aspiring hhasid Breslov living in Israel. I left my family and friends and all the emotional brainwashing that there is in the belief in Yeshu.

    What I want to say is, while there are certainly many groups out to convert Jews (and even if there are messianic a who don't, obviously we can't be too friendly with them), the biggest group of messianics are Gentiles who no longer consider themselves Christian and are looking for Torah. Some feel they are descendants of the lost tribes. The only fruition to their newfound feeling and identity is either to waste away in Jebus land or to become Jewish or at least bnei Noahh. The whole thing is mainly a stepping stone for those on their way out of tuma and into qedusha.

    What they're perceiving is the last days where we will be redeemed, but they are all wrong about how it will be. Only an brainwashed idiot would remain as they are. The majority of these groups who seek to convert will never change and may they be among those slaughtered on our hills at the battle of Gog uMagog because they're worse than Nazis and terrorists who only seek to destroy the body.

    From an outside perspective, I see how we the Jewish people are in a low and pathetic state. All the messages of the autistics that you've oisted here are a breath of fresh air because they're almost everything I have been feeling and sensing for 4 years. I know they are for the most part right on.

    We must have simple emuna in HaShem, and drop the fake corporate teshuva headed by fake rabbanim who don't really offer anything. The biggest flaw in Israel today is that people feel like they need to fit in with this group or that group. They don't think for themselves. HaShem desires our hearts. Hitbodedut is completely necessary and he values it over davening 18 in 1.5 minutes. We need to learn halakha especially and the rest of Torah and use our minds to take a second and put together what the truth is. One will see that his conclusions, if sincere, will align with all the true Tzadikim and their message, from Moshe Rabenu to Rashbi, Arizal, Besht, and R' Nahhman of Uman; and all those rabbanim who do not contradict their Torah. The answer is not corporate rabbis or any one specific groups hashqafa, the answer is being real with yourself and no longer a drone, impressionable sheep being led to the slaughter. We are definitely being ruled by the erev rav both in secular government and general rabbanut.

    1. You are a very rare person, Aharon. Kol hakavod lekha! You should email me. I'd like to hear more. Shabbat shalom!

  4. Baruch Hashem you went in the good direction Aharon! Too many times it goes the other way!

  5. What a pleasure to read Aharon's comment. All that we have read over the last number of years is coming to a climax; it's been obvious to those who want to see and yet when you speak to many people (friends, etc. who are religious), they don't believe what is really going on. Riskin should have been ousted from every orthodox institution as he has been pushing this chilul H' for the longest time. We have only one choice and that is 'separation' because all this has been prophecied and we need to heed our Torah commandments and pray that the foolish ones who fall for this will do teshuvah to save their neshamas.