01 February 2015

Wait a Minute!

12 Shevat 5775

We have made the biggest mistakes of our lives when we failed to WAIT!

According to commentaries, if Adam HaRishon and Chavah had just waited until Shabbat to eat of the Eitz HaDa'at, there would have been no problem. And if we had not let the Erev Rav scare us and had waited until Moshe returned from Har Sinai instead of making the eigel hazahav, ...

Today, when we are so close to the geulah shleimah, once again, people are jumping the gun and saying that the redemption has already begun and so now we must change all the rules and invent new halachah to suit these times and now is the time to join with the nations. Instead of letting the prophetic promises unfold as Hashem intended, people are taking it upon themselves to force matters into their own timeframe and are setting out to make the prophecies come true.

One "Orthodox Jewish Priest" is bringing a "Torah for every human being on the planet". He says he is "perfectly balanced between Judaism and Christianity" and is "using the proper tools to create unity among all believers in a Messianic redemption of the world".

He wants to do a pidyon shevuyim for Yeshu since "we sold him for money - now we have to bring him back." According to him, Jews sold Yeshu just like the brothers sold Yosef HaTzadik

He alludes to the Ezekiel 37 prophecy which is so favored by Xian Ephraimites and identifies the "Tree of Yosef" as Christianity uniting with the "Tree of Judah" (Judaism) and "becoming one tree."

This is just a small part of a much bigger picture which can be called Universal Judaism and I can't begin to list for you the numbers of "Orthodox" adherents to this heretical philosophy in Israel alone...
...Since the teachings of Universal Judaism are foundational to virtually all religions or humanistic associations, any congregation or movement, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, religious, secular or atheist is welcome to participate and share in “our” task.

...the goal of The Association for Universal Judaism is to seek unity and alignment between all humankind, Creation, and the One God Who Alone, if God, defines the very meaning of “unity” for us and beyond us. Within this over-arching goal, The Association for Universal Judaism seeks to accomplish these critically-important tasks:
1. To teach the Universal Truth of Jewish Teachings to everyone, equally and without distinction, requiring no conversion or other ritual requirements, (though some may choose these) with critical respect for individuality and individual-self-expression.
2. To re-awaken and promote Judaism’s Universalist perspective, which did not have an opportunity to fully blossom because of cultural domination and persecution. See Historical Background.
3. To heal the world from the dangerous mistakes caused by philosophical, theological or historical misinterpretations and/or ignorance of Jewish teachings both within traditional forms of Judaism, as well as other religions, such as Christianity and Islam, which were based mistakenly upon our mistakes.
4. To provide a healthy and viable spiritual alternative for people, families and all the world’s communities, teaching pride but not prejudice, in a totally guilt-free, non-coercive, universality-minded environment.
5. To resurrect and revivify meaningful-customs, still-useful rituals, as well as spiritual-gifts such as intuitive-insight and healing, which is the great legacy of the Hebrew prophets, contemporizing these gifts, so they are accessible to all human beings.
6. To serve as an umbrella group for promoting the healing and unification of the many fractured Jewish denominations as well as other religious denominations, which participate in the world community.
7. To correct the confusion around the varying interpretations of Jewish thought, as well as the (sometimes resulting) confusion surrounding the figures of Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad, both of whom taught the essence of Universal Judaism.
8. To promote in the current modern state of Israel, a contemporary, spiritually-vigorous, authentically-grounded Universalist-Jewish viewpoint, in both secular and religious domains, in order to bring about spiritually-authentic peace in that region and the world.
9. To share our Universal Jewish teachings with Judaism, Christianity, Islam, all the world’s great noble religions and enlightened-secularism as the spiritual foundation for a real and sustainable world peace.
10. To remove the scars of human civilization, such as a faltering and inadequate economy and a devastated ecology, which are the result of Universal Jewish teachings taught incorrectly by others....
I'm seeing this on a daily basis on almost every Jewish website that I visit, in one form or another. You can see how some people might be fooled by it. The language can be confusing. It's enough for us to know that if anyone comes and says we must break down the barriers between us and the goyim, we must run as fast as we can in the other direction. This is what Binyamin and Menachem meant when they said we must go back into the ghetto or go up on an island.

Shortly, iy"H, I will bring you the Torah truth about the separation between Israel and the nations.