04 February 2015

Binyamin: Questions and Answers - Part 4

16 Shevat 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin 
Jerusalem, 13 Tevet 5775

Religious Persecution

Q. And now the mess with the religious courts...

A. Oh, that's another interesting thing. Here, Netanyahu does it himself, as if, as if it's a bit 'more for the hareidim' - that the greatest evildoers, it was just Lapid with all his groups... but, here there's not exactly a 'Knesset' at the moment, and suddenly they're taking all the power of the religious courts... there won't remain for the religious courts any power, none.

Q. And also theirs they're destroying...

A. Correct, they don't like it either, they want to rid themselves of it, too. Everything must be with Bagatz [acronym for the High Court], not Badatz [a high kashrut authority].

Q. Bagatz in gematria is Haman...

A. Very suitable, most suitable... don't forget to put it...

Q. So, at the moment, they want to completely blot out every hareidi religious court, something that even the goyim didn't do, to forbid the religious courts to take out rejected writings. Is it not a harsh and rough war against Judaism, publicly?

A. Sure, sure, it's another law against the continuity of the Jewish religion that they want to abolish. But we did it to ourselves, because also our religious courts, they are totally - not in good shape, not in proper shape. Not all of them, but a lot. We're going down, we shut our mouth, not opening it, not speaking, so now the situation is 'above and beyond', impossible to do anything at all. 

So, what do we do? Now, we need to close ourselves off, and lock ourselves in, in our little groups, who want truth and to live like Jews, we don't need big courts, don't need them, we will do what we understand, what the Torah teaches us to do. That's what is needed to do.

And you, all the Jews, all the Jews who live here in Eretz Yisrael, I beg of you to open your eyes, also the seculars, do you not understand that without HKB"H you have nothing!?... Do you not comprehend that without HKB"H there's nothing... that there wasn't a war here in Eretz Yisrael that wasn't based on a miracle, that because of this they won?... Do you not see it!? Are you of the opinion that you can destroy, chas v'shalom, Judaism in menacing laws that you are passing one after the other!? Do you think it is possible to live like Jews in a 'democratic' country that's called a 'Jewish State'!?... Nonsense! No Jewish State stands, it will fall. Why? Because a state without HKB"H - it can't stand.

And you're dreaming dreams-of-nonsense, hallucinations, if you're of the opinion that one war which was fought here was by your power. The single thing that helped you to win was the power of HKB"H, the power from Heaven, and that's all. Not one thing. Almost every soldier, real-Jew, even if he's secular, saw miracles in the wars, big miracles. And returned from the wars with this feeling, of the miracles, of Hashem, that there is Hashem. And after this, they returned to a life of nonsense and daily routine, and they forgot. But, now - they won't forget. Now, it will be very bitter. And those who go with the Lie will disappear.

Q. Every day there are new horrifying things in the state. Now, for example, in Jerusalem they're doing a secular 'kabbalat Shabbat' with dancing and an orchestra, etc.,... Hashem yishmor.

A. Don't believe the Prime Minister who says that this is a "Jewish State" - that he means to make a Jewish State. He is in collaboration with the Edomim, he intends to destroy Eretz Yisrael, to take out the Jewish religion from Eretz Yisrael. That's the intention here. And it's because of this that we have all these laws, even though they want to bring in 'so-called hareidim' into the government. Why not?!... So they also can sign off on it... to destroy the religion, c"v. And because of this they want to turn over this place, really for 'desires of Eisav'. That's what they want ['אדום נועץ טלפיו']. But Hashem won't allow them. They now appear to be 'on top of the world', but it won't be forever. Hashem will bring them down in the near-future. We will suffer first, but we will enter the new world, and they won't be a part of it. 

Q. One rabbi told me that he checked the activities calendar of the 'Knesset' planned in winter and according to the program, in every week they have something else, some anti-Jewish subject to attack it, against the Torah, they want to systematically uproot everything...

A. Yes, sure, they already passed many laws, they still haven't come down upon us with the laws so much, but in a little while we'll see it, in a little while we'll see strongly.

Q. And our hands are tied...

A. Only Hashem, only Hashem, only Hashem!

Q. So, actually, the matter of 'Hanukah' is still not finished...

A. Exactly. Hanukah is not over, we're continuing. Now, at the time of Hanukah itself we had a feeling like Jews from that time when they were under the rule of the Greeks and the Hellenists. And now we are moving to the other part. To the part of the war. And it will be as it was - that's how it will be, but a bit different, because the situation is a bit different, but more-or-less the same thing. But, it won't be a lot of time.

Q. Then, we'll need self-sacrifice...

A. Self-sacrifice will be required - for the sake of doing mitzvot.

Q. In all this, assistants alongside the politicos, key people... those who control in every place...

A. Very big key people. Also judges, also doctors, and also hospital administrators, in every place. They feel very good. They feel that they are 'on top of the world', that they're the winners. But they'll be surprised like Pharaoh was, a big surprise like when all the water will fall upon their heads...
There is one part left of this message's Q and A left to go and then, with G-d's help, I'll try to get to the Q and A for the most recent one.


  1. Agree with everything that Binyamin is warning us about. It is pure truth because you just have to read the news of what is happening in E.Y. and worldwide. The most bothersome is reading where religious rabbis are (like you wrote in one of your recent articles) inventing strange and different interpretations of Torah, Halacha, all, apparently, to appease ??? If they were true rabbanim & have yirat Shamayim, how could they say what they are saying. The worst part, reading from comments and, in general, many seem to be falling for this claptrap, r'l. baruch

  2. Thanks for commenting, Baruch. It's really, really, scary to watch.You can see why the rabbis said "Let Mashiach come, but let me not see him."

  3. Is this the opening shot of the New World Religion from Israel?

    Quote: "We have to change the way we talk. It has to be very clear that we are universal in our message. We are looking for the good of the world and this will win over even the media. We believe that Torah is good for everyone. We want them to enjoy the light of the Torah. And what was once forbidden is now permitted, and without this the Mashiach cannot come."

    What was once forbidden is now permitted? On whose authority? Chabad's? Do they speak for world Jewry now? Does anybody know what the gedolim in Israel are saying about any of this?


  4. Anonymous - there's that "universal" code-word, eh? We should be wary also of innovations particularly in this very low generation.

    I also would like very much to know what Rav Kanievsky and Rav Shteinman and Rav Mazuz have to say about it all.

    Here is a clickable link to the article.

  5. It's worse than I thought and moving at a lightening speed. Didn't see that article from Arutz7 before this but did get to read it on another blog and was so disappointed. CouIld not believe what I was reading. Disgusted with these rabbis who are changing Torah (they think). Where is their fear of Heaven? Just proves who they really are. Wondering if they are being threatened in some way or just joined the new religion team, r'l.
    Was disappointed in the blog's author whom I felt was taken in by this mumbo jumbo. Vital to make all this known but think there's little to stop it because they're all in on it. Only Moshiach will be able to deal with this chilul H'.

  6. Can you please be more clear about that link referring to a blog on arutz Sheba? When I put in the search engine all kinds of blog posts come up

  7. Moriah, anonymous above put a link that you can copy and paste into your browser or you can click on the embedded link in my response.