23 December 2013

What Does HKB"H Have Against the Trees?

21 Tevet 5774

I've been hearing this question a lot lately since the snow storm that decimated the trees in Eretz Yisrael. According to an Arutz Sheva news report: "Even the hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of Christmas trees were also damaged in the storm."

Christmas trees grown in Israel?  And that's not all...

KKL-JNF Christmas Tree Distribution 2013

In keeping with its annual tradition, KKL-JNF will once again be distributing Christmas trees to local churches, monasteries, convents, embassies, foreign journalists and the general public as the holiday approaches. Distribution will take place in central and northern Israel, in accordance with lists provided by the Ministry of the Interior, the Municipality of Jerusalem and other bodies. Private individuals, too, can buy a tree for the token sum of 80 NIS.

Jerusalem Municipality to provide free Christmas trees to Christian residents

The Jerusalem Municipality, in coordination with the Jewish National Fund, will distribute free Christmas trees to Christian residents of the city on Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and noon at College Des Freres - De La Salle High School, located at 20 Bab El-Jadid Road. According to the municipality, the trees will be given on a first come, first served basis.

I mean,  don't xians in xian lands have to BUY their own trees? Leave it to the (self-hating) Jews to try and be holier than the pope.

Anyway, this is the holiday season which features a dressed-up tree as its centerpiece and here we have a LOT of damaged trees and not just in Israel.

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Our Holy Torah is called a Tree of Life. Maybe this is a reminder to abandon trees dressed like this...

And instead center our lives, every single day, around the tree dressed like this...

'It is a tree of life to those who take hold of it, 
and those who support it are fortunate'


  1. How it hurts that in EY where there are certain things that should just be a given but are just desecrated with abandon. Hard to understand how Jews in our holy Land can just discard the most basic laws and take on all the tumah and avodah zorohs of the nations, when having the zechut of living in EY (even under the rule of Erev Rav). That just proves the deJudaization process being pressed forward (especially the last couple of decades)with the horrible impact on the youth by making sure they have no Jewish education in the public school system. Having non-Jews (5th column Arabs) sitting in the seat of government in Israel, is another terrible and deplorable influence in their thinking, taking out any Yiddishkeit from their hearts. In this pre-Moshiach era, we, Jews, need to wake up and do teshuva. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  2. Yes, it certainly does hurt - right to the marrow of our souls and many, many people do not understand that. But, Hashem does.

    We must pray just that much harder and continue to search our own souls and try to do complete teshuva. That's all that is in our hands to do.

    It helps to know that our sages and prophets foresaw it all and that it is all in the grand master plan.