08 December 2013

Wake up, Nations of the World!

5 Tevet 5774

Addendum to Rushing Toward Armageddon (The War to End All Wars):

If anyone still doubts that these storms are a response to this latest "piece" plan, note this...

"Xaver developed off the coast of Greenland on December 4,...."

The day Kerry arrived with this latest plan (on behalf of the EU as well as the US).

And on the day the plan was actually presented...

...its development was enhanced by another low-pressure system, Wilhelm, which was located over the Norwegian Sea on December 4-5,” said Dr. Nicolai Thum, senior research associate, AIR Worldwide. “Xaver passed north of Scotland on December 5, where its central pressure had dropped to 975 mb from a reading of 1010 mb less than 24 hours earlier. A pressure drop of this type, which deepens by 24 mb or more over 24 hours, often produces a phenomenon known as rapid cyclogenesis (or a weather “bomb”).

Take heed!  You are being warned!!

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