23 December 2013

"I will hasten it"

20 Tevet 5774

We're now counting the days. They just can't wait to see us go. But, in reality, they are hastening their own doom. They are the ones who are going. We're staying!!

Report: American Outline Agreement by Month's End

Secret Peace Talk Contents Revealed By PA Sources
US 'offensive' aims for Jan. interim agreement, Jerusalem internationally managed, Israeli withdrawals and 'earned' Jewishness.


  1. All of this will come in connection to the Yud Key Vav prisoner release because it will be the 3rd release. Then perhaps, the man with the Yud Key Vav in his first name will finally be released from his American hellhole.

    To drive home the point, the Torah changes Yakov's name for Peni'el to Penu'el with a Vav, the place where he wrestled with the Angel of Edom and won. Yakov had named the spot Peni'el, but at sunrise the Torah changes the name to Penu'el. He was smacked in the thigh vein at the end of the long night at Alot HaShachar, 72 minutes before sunrise. On the 2nd of Shevat 5774 (Jan. 2nd/3rd, 2014), we will commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, the meeting which determined the the methods for carrying out the Final Solution which set the genocidal program into full motion. We will then see how the Vav in HaShem's Name manifests itself in the world when the 3rd group of 26 savages are released from jail...in exchange for Yehonatan Pollard? I don't know.

  2. I sincerely hope you're right, Dov.

  3. It is the 6th year in the last Shmittah cycle of the Yesod sheBeMalkhut Yovel cycles since Ezra HaSofer. The year 5727 (1967) began the Yesod sheBe Malkhut Yovel cycle. The year 5776 begins the Malkhut sheBe Malkhut Yovel cycle, the cycle of Mashiach ben David. In the 7th year of this last pre-Messianic cycle, the great war between the West and Persia must commence. So all the action against Yerushalayim and G-d's reaction to it must commence this year in 5774 with the splitting of the Mt. of Olives as the Grand Finale. There is simply no more time to delay this again..Baruch HaShem.

    If our cowardly PM had told Kerry in Av to stuff his prisoner released idea in a place where the sun does not shine, there would have been an international conference to force a solution back at the end of August in Elul. It did not happen because Netanyahu always looks for the easy way out even if releasing murderers from prison dehumanizes their victims and the one who releases them. So rather than the meteorite shower on Rome in 5773, we get this in 5774. Our backs are at the end of history. So it must occur now.