"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

01 December 2013

Bibi Can't Attack Iran

29 Kislev 5774
5th Day of Hanukah

How a U.S. Radar Station in the Negev Affects a Potential Israel-Iran Clash

On a desert hilltop in the remote southwest of Israel stands a compelling argument against any notion that the Jewish state will launch an attack on Iran without the United States. The discreet complex atop Mt. Keren is a U.S. military installation, and the 100 U.S. service members who staff it are the only foreign troops stationed in Israel [except for these].

...The small, rectangular-shaped portable radar peeking around a concrete blast wall is so advanced it can see over the horizon, and so sensitive it can spot a softball tossed in the air from 2,900 miles away. (Tehran is a mere 1,000 miles away to the northeast.) On Mt. Keren, the X-band radar is indeed pointed northeast, toward Iran, where it could detect a Shahab-3 missile launched toward Israel just seconds into its flight — and six to seven minutes earlier than Israel would know from its own radar, called Green Pine.

...Six additional minutes increases by at least 60% the time Israeli officials would have to sound sirens that will send civilians scrambling into bomb shelters. It also substantially increases the chances of launching interceptors to knock down the incoming missile before it reaches Israel, ....

All this is possible, however, only if U.S. officials choose to share the information, because only Americans have eyes on the radar. And if it's difficult to imagine a U.S. commander-in-chief choosing to withhold an early warning that could save civilian lives of a close ally, both sides recognize that if the Iranian missiles were launched in retaliation for an Israeli air strike, the onus might be on the Israeli government that set such events in motion. In any event, military officials and outside analysts say that uncertainty can only inhibit any Israeli impulse to "go it alone."

...the chain of command is American....If their computers recognize an ascending fireball as a hostile missile launch, U.S. commanders may pass the information to their Israeli counterparts.

The entire system is of course built on the assumption that they will.

...the Israelis are keenly aware that, in this case, information is power, and Washington has the right to withhold it. "We share a lot, but there's a valve on the pipeline, and it's a one-way valve," says a Western military official involved in the program.

The workaday reality of the U.S. radar — it has been operating since 2009 — also undercuts the notion of Israel launching a surprise attack on Iran that would also take Washington unawares. Not only does it see all traffic at Israeli air bases, it would certainly detect any large scale or other unusual patterns, including preparations for a massive air assault. Allowing the Americans that capability was a trade-off Israeli officials conceded only grudgingly, as TIME reported when the radar installation was announced in 2008.

"It's about the United States hugging the Israelis," says an American missile expert outside of government. The intense military cooperation between Washington and Jerusalem, which both sides agree is the closest it's ever been, not only helps assure Israel's security. It also tethers Israel's military to the Pentagon.

...But the X-band radar installation offers both obvious advantages and what one Israeli official termed "golden handcuffs."


  1. Proves what the neviim prophecied and that is that at the end of the day, it will be H' Who will do battle. No weapons, nothing will matter, but in a blink of an eye H' will undo all the enemies of Israel.

  2. ask Yonatan Pollard if he thinks the US will share crucial intelligence for Israel's survival, even in the best of times.

  3. Rav Yehduah Ze'ev Leibowitz zt"l told his closest talmid, Rav Shalom Arush Shlit"a, that 3 things will happen in the world before Mashiach comes

    1. The Arab world would blow up in chaos, and they would start to kill each other in large numbers.

    2. Bibi Netanyahu will want to attack Iran very badly, but Divine Providence would step in and prevent him from successfully doing so. I will have to check if he said that Bibi would be prevented from attacking Iran (Period).

    3. There would be pogroms in the United States. (He actually used a stronger word than pogroms, but there is no need to scare the begeebers out of people.)

  4. Ok I found my old post which was in part a copy of Rav Lazer Brody's old post about the 3 predictions of Rav Leibowitz before he died. He seems to have definitively said that Bibi will be stopped by Divine Providence from attacking Persia. Period. I checked this out with Rav Brody at the time and had that part verified along with Rav Leibowitz's prediction about pogroms in the US.

    Rav Yehudah Ze'ev Leibowitz's Last Predictions

    If you want to disagree with the conclusions of this post, please take it up with Rav Brody, not me. Yet, if Bibi is prevented by all that is happening now from even attacking Iran, I would be forewarned that the 3rd prediction will also come true since the first two predictions will have already transpired.

  5. And here is Rav Lazer Brody's first post. The 3rd thing that will happen is NOT discussed in this post. It was not time to talk about it publicly. After Obama's re-election it was time to talk about it. I spoke to Rav Brody at length at the time I posted my post about the pogroms.

    Rav Yehudah Zev's Legacy

  6. Besides simply refraining from helping us, they are now in the position of being able to thwart us. Not only can they give us early warning of an Iranian attack on Israel, but now they can give Iran an early warning of an attack by Israel.

    And if they can shoot down an Iranian incoming missile, they sure as heck can shoot down an Israeli outgoing missile. Under these kinds of threats by the Americans, Bibi's hands are tied.

    Don't look for a future invasion of Israel. We were already invaded.

    And this is why the government makes such nonsensical decisions - like continued prisoner releases - despite the outcry of the citizenry.

    It's going to take a man of extreme faith like Mashiach to send our military to arrest and deport all foreign soldiers and take over that x-band station or blow it up!

    Or alternately, it will take Hashem's direst intervention to drop them all in their tracks.

  7. I meant to say "direct" intervention, but maybe "direst" is true, too.

  8. Devash:

    For some reason the link in this article to www.globalresearch.ca, from your first paragraph, is broken - there is an error establishing a database connection.

    Wonder why. Good thing I read it, but I wish now that I had saved or printed it. Inquiring minds at the End of Days blog want to know. Probably the whole Jewish world needs to know.

    Kol tuv,
    CDG, Yerushalayim

  9. CDG- The entire site appears to be down right now.