10 December 2013

Storm Dion

7 Tevet 5774

It doesn't take an expert to see the link between the "catastrophic" storms and Kerry's continuing efforts to force a US-brokered land deal with the Arabs.  Hat tip to Tamar Yonah for telling us that the storm-that-won't-end has a name - דיון.  The letters can be rearranged to spell דין or "judgment - six", for the six directions of the physical world, i.e. judgment coming from every direction. 

Mr. Kerry apparently does not have a clue yet that there is any connection at all.

Kerry to Visit Israel, PA Yet Again

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will be in the region again on Wednesday to pressure the sides to reach a peace agreement.

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Now, take a look at this...

Snow falling. In Australia. In summer.

And snow is being forecast for Israel starting tomorrow - completely out of season!!  Not only is it the day Kerry is set to arrive once again, but it is the first of three fast days (only one of which we actually fast).  What does it mean?

More on this in an upcoming post.

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  1. Hi shalom: I was reading my torah bible and love all of it prophecy is amazing: I realised that 1948 and 1967 yrs: 67 yrs from 1948 is 2015: and 48 yrs from 1967 is again 2015: we have the blood moons on Passover and Succoth in 2014 and 2015: and 67 yrs plus 48 yrs add the two brings you again to 2015: so something is about happen : I think Israel will be divided and occupied by armies which will fulfil the abomination causing desolation in the holy place: meaning foreign armies occupying east Jerusalem the holy place: