07 December 2013

Rushing Toward Armageddon

5 Tevet 5774

If you had any residual doubts that the 9-month countdown was leading us to "the end," you can lay them to rest now.

U.S., Stepping Up Role, Will Present West Bank Security Proposal to Israel

CHISINAU, Moldova — American officials plan to present the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with detailed ideas about security arrangements on the West Bank under a possible peace agreement with the Palestinians, senior State Department officials said on Wednesday.

The presentation is to be made to Mr. Netanyahu on Thursday by John R. Allen, the former American commander in Afghanistan and a retired Marine general who serves as an adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry on the Middle East peace talks.

...General Allen’s presentation appears to signify a more active American role, in which the United States is doing more than coaxing the Israelis and the Palestinians to negotiate and is presenting its own ideas.


This is to signify to us that this is a process above nature.  This is a Divine process and will lead to the geulah shleimah. 

And now we see that all the preparations for an attack on Syria were merely a subterfuge to set up Israel for the final assault.

Kerry brings plan integrating West Bank security in planned US-led anti-Al Qaeda regional force

The security plan, which US Secretary of State John Kerry brought with him Thursday, Dec. 5, on his eighth trip for reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, entails deploying a regional international force including US troops along the Jordan Rift Valley and West Bank in a future Palestinian state.

...The secretary of state proposed integrating Israeli and Palestinian special forces units in the planned regional counter-terror force, alongside the American, British, French, Saudi, Jordanian, Egyptian and Qatari units enlisted to the new framework

Since its area of operation would be extensive, ranging from southern Syria to Sinai, including Israel and the potential Palestinian state, the IDF would be able to continue performing its security functions in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley, as part of the new force. But by the same rule, Palestinian forces would be allowed by mutual consent to serve in parts of Israel in the same multinational framework.
The public groundwork for this plan is already being laid ....

Retribution, just for talking about it, has been swift as both the US and Europe get socked with massive storms...

Storm Xaver pummels Europe, flood surge feared

Storm Xaver has reached northern Europe, threatening the biggest tidal surge in decades and hammering Germany's North Sea coastline. Xaver had already battered northern Britain and killed three people.

Severe cold wave strikes northern U.S., crippling ice storm targets south central

...temperatures...40 to 50 degrees below normal. ...the entirety of 15 states was below freezing. ... a swathe of heavy ice has already developed and will expand northeastward.... begin making preparations now for possible power outages, icy roads, and the likelihood of having to remain at home for several days,”.... a second ice storm may target the Mid-Atlantic Sunday and Sunday night.


[This post was written on Friday and scheduled for publication at the conclusion of Shabbat.]