04 December 2013

Looking for a Few Good Jewish Traitors

2 Tevet 5774
8th Day of Hanukah

Like the Jew who stepped forward to offer the pig on the altar in Modiin and became the catalyst which launched the Maccabean revolt, there have always been traitors among us. Well, now the British Ambassador to Israel is looking for a few good Jewish traitors like him. But, this time they don't have to sacrifice a pig on the altar, just their homeland. Haven't the British had enough yet of trying to divide up this land to suit themselves!!

Britain wooing Israel's haredi Jews

British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould is strengthening his ties with the ultra-Orthodox sector, and not for the first time. The move is part of an overall strategy of the British government: To gain a mandate on the haredi street.

On Sunday, the ambassador held a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony for heads of the haredi sector in Israel at his private residence. "I believe wholeheartedly that I am an ambassador for all Israelis and for all citizens of the State of Israel, including the haredi society," he told Ynet.

The United Kingdom's (Jewish) ambassador welcomed his guests with a speech prepared entirely in Hebrew, noting that Britain's goal was to increase cooperation with the haredi sector in Israel.

His advisor declares explicitly that this is part of an agenda to promote the "two states for two people" initiative among the sector.

..."Britain wants to promote the agenda of two states for two people," says Avraham Kroizer. "For that purpose it understands that the haredi public must be an inseparable part of the peace initiative, and therefore it has to talk to them. That's the main reason."

...Ambassador Gould told Ynet, "We are looking into two things: We want to listen to the haredi population, to get to know it and understand the things that are important to it. Not to talk, but first of all to listen. In the second stage, as part of the relationship, there is of course the necessary need to advance peace with the Palestinians."

What a disgrace that this ambassador should be called by the same name as the great Cohen Gadol who led the war against the Greeks and Hellenist Jews. You can read the rest of the sickening thing to see who participated. 

I suggest you also re-read Moishe'la's Hanukah message from two years ago.