03 December 2013


1 Tevet 5774
Rosh Chodesh Bet
7th Day of Hanukah

When I read that Netanyahu was meeting with the Pope this week and planned to invite him to visit Israel, I just could not figure out "why!?" And I still can't. What does he hope to gain? What does he think the Pope can do for him? Has he not brought enough shame and humiliation upon himself and the Land of Israel that he has to go out and drum up some more?

Several of the autistic children have mentioned a few times that Kever David is in danger of being handed over to the Vatican; most recently, Moishe'la said: "...without any problem, the State of Israel is turning over to the Catholic Church the grave of the forefather of Moshiach Tzidkainu, Dovid Hamelech and that is an unbelievable act of war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu."

He said that two weeks ago and now, here it is in the news...

"Prevent the Transfer of David's Tomb to the Vatican"

Chairman of The Movement for Jerusalem and its Residents, Haim Miller has petitioned government ministers to apply pressure on Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to prevent the transfer of the compound of David's Tomb to the Vatican. Pope Francis informed the PM he would only visit in Israel if the Tomb will be transferred in an elaborate public ceremony, a sentiment quite irksome to the multitudes of Jewish worshipers who frequent the sacred site regularly.

Can anyone else fathom "WHY!?" G-d, have mercy!