03 December 2013

Sign of God's Displeasure?

1 Tevet 5774
Rosh Chodesh Bet
7th Day of Hanukah

It has always been understood that the withholding of rain is a sign of God's displeasure with us. I'd say some serious soul-searching is in order.

Israel experiencing one of the driest winters on record

Israel has this winter recorded some its lowest ever rainfall levels, according to figures released Sunday by the Israel Meteorological Service.

...The Meteorological Service said that in some parts of Israel, the winter of 2013 has so far been the driest in 55-70 years.

It's the least I've ever seen in my seventeen years here.

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  1. Yes, absolutely right; have mentioned that to others that before praying for rain, the Rabbis should plead with the people to do tshuvah and rain will come. Since the election of this last memshalah, never have so many evil laws and actions been enacted in Eretz Hakodesh, causing so many desecrations. Not surprising at all that there is no rain. Seems like this is a repeat Chanukah from the original but where are the Maccabbees who are so desperately needed now!