10 December 2013

Micha'el - The Snow Angel

8 Tevet 5774

Jerusalem Prepares for Weekend Snowfall

The snow is following John Kerry and that's why the snow is supposed to start the day he arrives - even though it is too early in the season for snow in Israel.

In the US, the snow represents judgment, but in Israel it is representative of God's mercy and protection.  In both cases, it is a warning to John Kerry and those he serves to cease and desist from trying to uproot Am Yisrael from Eretz Yisrael.

If you'll recall from a previous blogpost, the four archangels correspond to the four elements of nature and it is Micha'el who is the snow angel and also the guardian & defending angel of Israel.

...Michael is made up entirely of snow and Gabriel of fire, and though they stand near one another they do not injure one another, thus indicating the power of God to "make peace in His high places." According to the Aggadah, both Michael and Gabriel will be among those who will accompany the Messiah, and they will then contend with the wicked.

Michael is considered superior to Gabriel in rank and wherever he appears, the glory of the Shekhinah, the Holy Spirit, is also bound to be found. Each nation has its guardian angel, Michael being the guardian angel of Israel. He acts as the counsel for Israel's defense when the wicked bring charges against them before God. According to the midrash, Michael is the angel who prevented Abraham from offering up Isaac at the Accede; informs Sarah that she will give birth to a boy; rescues Abraham from the furnace; instructs Moses; smites the army of Sanneherib; endeavors to prevent the exile by pleading on Israel's behalf to God; and defends the Jews of Persia when Haman plotted to destroy them.

...Malach Michael...in our time is the...defense attorney of Klal Yisrael. Michael is the one who is going to defend Klal Yisrael in the last moments prior to the geula as it says in Daniel 12:1... There'll be a terrible situation like there never was since Klal Yisrael became a nation....at that time Michael will stand in defense of Klal Yisrael. ...Michael is the one who stands opposite the Sar Malchus Paras, who is today...Iran.

...The medrash says that Haman, while he was being mekatreg on Klal Yisrael, at the same time, ...Michael is defending us....So Michael was [our defender] at that time and Michael will be [our defender] prior to the geula, where Klal Yisrael will be plunged into a hester panim like they were then, where it was Paras and now it's also Paras.

There are only two things Kerry comes to Israel for, 1) to push us to make suicidal land concessions and, 2) to convince us to let the Amaleki in Iran have the bomb. If the snow really is following him, he must have some really dastardly plan to propose this time.