20 December 2013

While We Were Preparing for Shabbat...

17 Tevet 5774
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Kerry to Force Security Plan on Netanyahu

US Secretary of State John Kerry appears to be pressing a national plan, devised in Washington DC, upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The proposal comes as part of peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA), and includes uprooting Jewish communities from the Jordan Valley.

PA: Strip Judea, Samaria Residents of Their Israeli Citizenship

...[Mohammed Shtayyeh, Member of the Central Committee of Fatah, a former Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet minister,] threatened Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria that they would be stripped of their Israeli citizenship and pursued by the governments of the US, Britain, Russia, and the European Union, claiming that they were violating PA territory after the UN allegedly legitimized the body last year.

PA officials have claimed since 2012 that the UN granting the PA non-member status has effectively made them a full-fledged country according to international law.

I've got just one thing to say to this.  We are Jews and this is our land.  We will live here or we will die here and there is nothing they can do about it.  All is in HKB"H's hands.

PM Netanyahu Looking to Dump Lapid

But, it looks like no one wants to replace him.  Looks like the government is standing on shaky legs right now.  We can only hope that it is on its way down and out and that its demise will pave the way for Mashiach!

Shabbat shalom!

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  1. Interesting. I didn't know about the threat by PA officials regarding Israeli citizenship. They must "know something" we don't.

    But maybe that's not a bad thing. I don't know.

    I've be yacking about possible foreign troops entering Israel in one form or another. I pray that it doesn't happen, as it will make things harder for us in the short run.