19 July 2008


The so-called Chr*stian Zionists are joining forces with LIKUD at the invitation of World Likud chairman Danny Danon. Following are excerpts from a speech given by Joel Bell of Frontline Israel to a group of what is now being called World Evangelical Zionists.

"We have been given a full open opportunity to proclaim who we are in Yeshua [y"sh]...."

"...we serve the Jewish people in direct covenant relationship---blood covenant relationship---an oath, a commandment, a commandment that G-d has given us 2,000 years ago when He added Gentiles into the Commonwealth of Israel and grafted us in...."

"...I want to open up a road that allows you to participate in a Jewish land. ...When the Jew invites you into his house and gives you platform authority to represent him, now the Kingdom of G-d can be established and only then."

"You have been honored, you have been chosen, you have been predestined, you have been set aside, you are living stones building up a spiritual house, but understand that until you join yourself to a physical manifestation of the House of G-d in the Land of Israel and start building Zion like you've built America, Africa, Asia and every other continent in the world...."

"...all creation is waiting for the manifestation, for you to take your rightful position in the midst of Jacob, not in exile."

Regarding the stated goal of preparing a "highway for Jews and Lovers of Zion":
"...[it is for] all those who have been grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel to return home."

Regarding the stated goal of buying land in Israel:
"Buy land in Israel! ...This is your inheritance! You have the right to own a home as an international citizen within the Land of Israel. If we were to build in a Jewish community...."


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  1. i had an encounter with missionaries in Nachalat Binyamin in T.A. They have no shame. They want to baptize our nation.