21 July 2008

Of Zionists and Zionism (Part 2)

You might have been wondering how the title applied in Part 1. Now, you will begin to understand where it's going.

I'm a simple Jew. I always understood "Zionism" to refer to the desire of every Torah-loving Jew to come up to the Land of Zion---Eretz Yisrael---and to settle there. What did I know? How could I know , until years after arriving here, til years after seeing the results on the ground, til after years of further learning, that a group of people whom our Sages identified as the Erev Rav would hijack the Redemption Process even down to hijacking the very language we use and turn it backwards? By my own definition, I will always be a Zionist, but by the one assigned to it by the hijackers---NEVER!

A prominent early Zionist leader, who later did teshuva wrote at the time:

"The new, Zionist Judaism stands in complete contrast to the Judaism of exile.... Zionism uproots religious Judaism in a stronger way than Reform or assimilation, by creating new standards of 'Judaism' which will constitute a new ideology that can be elevated to the status of a religion."

The stinking, rotten fruit of this philosophy can be found today in two forms---one secular, called "Israeliness" and the other 'religious,' called "Judeo-xianity" which is just our old 'friend' Hellenism dressed up for the 21st century.

Zionism's original goal has finally been realized among these two groups since "Zionism" and it's kippa-clad brother 'Religious-Zionism' have "elevated [it] to the status of a religion." So-called religious Zionism has become a new religion called Judeo-xianity. It's adherents "partner" with their xian counterparts, the so-called xian-Zionists, on all issues of Jewish life. They are in business together and they are "in bed" together. Yes, sir this is no less than whoring after the gentiles and their "support" and "friendship" i.e., money and politics!

Yirmiyahu 3:1---"...But you have played the harlot [with] many lovers, yet return to Me, says the Lord."
According to Israeliness, suitability for citizenship has nothing whatever to do with being Jewish according to halacha. Instead, it is measured according to IDF service, the payment of taxes, and participation in the democratic process. The so-called Messianic Jews are arguing their case to the public on this basis and it is on this basis that the media is arguing the case for lowering conversion standards and it is on this basis that some are now calling for xian-Zionists to be able to "make aliyah," chas v'shalom!

They all share something else, these putrid fruits of the original Zionists, and that is their abhorrence of and disdain for hareidi Jewry.

Rabbi Moshe Grylak, Mishpacha Magazine:

"...the secular Zionists did not want to see chareidi Jews in Eretz Yisrael. It used every means it could find to deny the right of aliyah to non-Zionist Jews. The words of Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann, will live in everlasting disgrace. It was he who proclaimed in the 1930s that he didn't want the Jews of Warsaw in Eretz Yisrael, and that they were nothing but "the dust of history that must be blown away."

I remember being told by my father, alav hashalom, that the British foreign minister visited Warsaw during the 1930s, and that a chassidic Jew threw himself down in front of the official's car as it passed through one of the city streets. Through this display he succeeded in getting the minister's attention, and he told him that he wanted to settle in the Holy Land, but the Zionists were preventing him. Some chassidic Jews sneaked into Eretz Yisrael over the Egyptian border, having been denied certificates by the authorities because they wouldn't toe the Zionist line."

(Read Who Stopped Chassidic Aliyah? by Aharon Granevich-Granot for the whole story.)

Their spiritual offspring, the Israelis and nice religious-Zionists like my friend from the beginning of the story, would prefer nice quasi-converted Russians or nice, quiet, unassuming Messianics, or even nice, loving xian-Zionists to the pushy, too-Jewish hareidim who everyday are looking more like the "Taliban" with their insistence on all Jews observing the Torah as given on Har Sinai. All I can say is....a whole lot of people are not ready to greet Mashiach. He's going to turn into their worst nightmare!

Now we see why the sudden emphasis on this word "ZIONISM" among the xians who believe they are Ephraimites and who want their "rightful inheritance in the Land" and who cozy up to the politicians of this regime. They are ALL from the souls of the Erev Rav. Among the religious Zionists, there is a birur going on as the Jewish souls are doing teshuva for worshipping the Golden Calf of THE STATE and are separating out from the Erev Rav amongst them.

If you or someone you know is still mixed up with this mess, clue them in. Time for teshuva is running out.

Check this out and see who's behind it:
Israel reaches out to evangelical Christians in Asia

"...it is a very timely initiative for Asian Christians to undertake a Judeo-Christian endeavor to forge a future strong Israel-Asian alliance,...."

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