02 July 2008

Another Bloody Rosh Chodesh

I knew something was up. The night before last, there were police vehicles parked at different spots around the city center as if they were staking out the downtown area and looking for something or someone in particular. Yesterday, when I was walking to work, I saw police vehicles (more than usual) zipping up and down Rechov Yafo in addition to a military jeep. One of the police vans had soldiers in the back. It was unusual enough that when I arrived I asked if anyone had heard anything.

Then today, I was still unpacking from the move and I heard a siren and then another siren, not out of the ordinary for the middle of the city. Then more sirens and then helicopters overhead. My internet is not yet hooked up at the new place, so I called someone with access and asked if they had heard anything. First news reported a wreck between a tractor and a bus on Rechov Yafo with one dead and many injured.

Of course, by now everyone knows all the details. It was another terrorist attack perpetrated by another "Israeli" Arab from "East" Jerusalem carrying an "Israeli" ID card and employed by Jews, using his job connection in order to carry out murder against Jews in the "Jewish" State.

We experience the usual reactions. Call every family member by cellphone to check they are accounted for---multiple tries as the reshet is down from the volume of attempted calls. Muted greetings, somber expressions on faces. Expressions of shock and quick tears to the eyes on the reports of a baby being thrown from one of the cars by the parents who are purportedly crushed moments later by the attacker. The baby is alive at the hospital but no one comes to claim him.

It is Erev Rosh Chodesh Tammuz and the last attack, also in the capitol, took place on Rosh Chodesh Adar. Are they davka choosing Rosh Chodesh???

And what of the fact that the out-of-uniform soldier who took a by-stander officer's cap to enter the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva and put a bullet in that terrorist is related to the out-of-uniform soldier who took a gun from a by-stander officer and put a bullet in this terrorist?

This attack took place in close proximity to the other one, too. I'd guess a mile or two tops.

There are probably several messages to take from this, but the simplest and most straightforward one is: STOP HIRING ARABS!! When they can't work and consequently can't feed their families, they will be forced to move on and find work somewhere else. This one even had a criminal record but he was put behind the wheel of a bulldozer by the city itself! Not only the contractor who hired him, but also those who hired the contractor for the light-rail work and did not specify "NO ARAB LABOR" all have blood on their hands today.


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  1. The terrorist, yimach shemo, had a family, a job, a life, and yet he prefered to throw it all away to murder Jews. This is a vile nation that worships death.

    PS Where did you move to in Jerusalem?