13 July 2008

Galuti Jews, Galuti Values

My soul has been churning in righteous indignation for more than 24 hours now and it isn’t lessening even one little bit and it won’t until I get this off of my chest.

After dinner on Leil Shabbat, I sat down to read a small magazine. I didn’t get any further than the first letter to the editor. It was obviously from a visiting galutnik Jew condemning the editorial decision that included in the magazine’s Yom Haatzmaut profile of various Israeli Jews’ comments on the holiday a wish for an Israel without Arabs. I won’t sully this blog by repeating verbatim what was written. Suffice it to say that reference was made to racism and democratic ideals, an obnoxious and obscene comparison between innocent Jews and murderous Arabs with special attention to a perfectly nice Arab waiter, who for all the writer knew could be plotting the next mass poisoning. But, you know, I don’t expect anything better from galutnik Jews. Their minds have already been poisoned by “Western ideals.” For lack of true Torah knowledge, they think it’s the same thing. What a shock they have in store!

What really got me riled and what I have not yet recovered from is the editor’s response. He agreed with the writer’s sentiments and apologized. Essentially, what he did was apologize for Hashem and His Torah. Eizeh chillul Hashem!!! I want to shake these people until they get a clue!! Do we even need to ask if the galutnik Jew took his family on a little tour of the new Palestinian Authority while he was here? And why not? Should we not judge them favorably? Should we not paint them all with the same brush just because a few have become unhinged and done murderous things? I mean it’s not like the whole village comes out and celebrates the spilling of Jewish blood. It’s not like the leaders do not come out and condemn their twisted actions. It’s not like their school system is designed to brainwash an entire generation to hate and murder Jews, is it?

Some people have rebellious hearts and refuse to accept the Torah in all its wisdom because they imagine that their puny human understanding is greater than the will of the Author. They enthrone their own intellects and refuse to submit to the authority of Torah, but they are not innocents, nor even ignoramuses. They know exactly what they are doing because to assuage their guilty consciences, they cloak their rebellion in moralism. They say things like, “Surely a loving G-d could never condone _______.” Or “We won’t sink to their level.” Or they simply go into denial and refuse to believe that this Torah applies to us today. “We don’t know who the seven nations are now. That was for then, but today we can’t do such things.” This is, at best, a cowardly cop-out; and at worst, an expression of apostasy.

Truth, my people, is often hard to accept, but it is not difficult to understand. Very, very simply….

Torah tells us that when we enter the land to settle it, we must drive out all the former inhabitants. Why? Because they will cause us pain and suffering if we don’t. Because, if we don’t, what was meant for them (i.e., to be driven out) will happen to us instead. Have we not seen these facts born out in front of our very eyes with acts of terror and murder followed by the expulsion from Gush Katif? OF COURSE THIS TORAH IS FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

Those who follow in the spiritual rebellion and chillul Hashem that this magazine has spread across Israel with these anti-Torah, anti-Jewish “values” are as guilty of the blood of their brothers as those who commit the murderous acts. We are dying every day for these Western, gentilized “morals.” Such perversion of Truth sickens me to my very soul!

Ad matai!???

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