13 July 2008

Something Hard is Coming...

We are living in a period of unrestrained chesed. You might think that is good, but it's not. It means that when the pendulum swings, which it must do, it will become balanced through unrestrained gevurah. Judgment is coming, folks!

Water represents chesed. When confined within the bounds set for it, inside a cup or a pipe or even in the ocean, water is a blessing, but unrestrained water goes wherever it wants without regard to the devastation and destruction it brings in its wake. We've been seeing this for the last few years now through floods and tsunamis. It's meant to mirror for us the devastation and destruction we are causing across the worlds with our unrestrained behavior---free sex, all-you-can-eat, and the baring of ever more skin to the public.

Unrestrained chesed has settled our mortal enemies at our gates and brought every kind of unworthy gentile into our borders. The daily parade of exposed flesh is every bit as bad or maybe even worse than the once a year homosexual parade.

Unrestrained gevurah will be Heaven's response. Prepare yourselves.

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