23 July 2008

Caution: Things are not always as they seem

Jew Helps Arabs Fight Hareidim, Stabbed

I must warn you that INN has been known to put their own interpretation into their reporting, so you have to read between the lines. Here is a good example. At the end of their report:

The rabbi condemned the Jews for retaliating against the Arabs.

"This is a very grave incident. No man must hurt innocents, either Arabs or Jews," said Batzri. "This is against Jewish law. I really hope that they find those who took part in the brawl and bring the attackers to justice."
Now, I guarantee you that the bolded line is the writer's personal interpretation of the rabbi's statement. But we all know that the rabbis have to be very careful in how they say things in order to avoid wasting valuable learning and teaching time being hauled into police headquarters to answer charges of incitement.

Take his statement apart piece by piece.

"This is a very grave incident." Of course it is. "No man must hurt innocents, either Arabs or Jews,...This is against Jewish law.." Is this not a true statement? Certainly it is. And the rabbi can say that knowing that none of the involved were "innocents." "I really hope that they find those who took part in the brawl and bring the attackers to justice." The initial attackers were the Arabs and so they should be brought to justice, HASHEM'S justice, please G-d!

Those on the scene who know the rabbi surely understood his remarks. My first reaction was to condemn the rabbi until I thought about it for a few minutes. G-d forbid that this kind of unprofessional journalism would taint his reputation in any way.

To their credit INN gave a more comprehensive report than the JPost which is a rag fit only for the fireplace and whose policy is to bash religious Jews at every opportunity even it means leaving out the beginning of the story.

Youth wound two Arabs in Jerusalem attack

The Three Weeks is a very dangerous time for Jews. We must be on guard more than ever to not be drawn into things that will increase that danger. Hamavin yavin.

FOLLOW-UP (24 July 2008): This may be a belated attempt at even-handedness...

Makor Baruch residents see attack on Arabs as justified

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