21 July 2008

Of Zionists and Zionism (Part 1)

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today. She was describing to me some disconcerting changes to the character of her neighborhood. She told me how it had always been open and tolerant, a place where observant and non-observant Jews could co-exist peacefully. Now this is all changing with the influx of an ever-growing hareidi population.

According to my friend, with the increase in their numbers have come unwelcome requests/demands of local store owners not to display unseemly magazines and newspapers and not to sell immodest clothing. I could not sympathize with her feelings of betrayal. I had myself been in quite some shock once upon a time when I had gone into a store in that particular neighborhood a few years ago and had seen hams for sale. I wanted to grab them and throw them through the windows of the store.

People who have a problem with "religious coercion" don't seem to have the same problem with "secular coercion" in the form of speed limits, littering laws, etc. This is the result of the assimilation of western culture that says "religion" is a personal matter that should be left entirely to the individual's conscience. But that is not Judaism. Torah teaches us about communal responsibility and demands that the individual subjugate his personal sense of entitlement for the welfare of the community. It holds all members of society liable for the penalty incurred by public violation of G-d's laws.

These oh-so-ignoble democratic, falsely moralistic "values" are being used in a terrible, vicious war to destroy Judaism and thereby the Jews themselves. We are in a battle for our lives. It is a battle for our hearts and minds, both of which must be completely dedicated to Hashem and committed to His Truth and submitted in totality to His authority as Sovereign of the Universe.

"Democratic values" are even now being used in the courts to recognize anyone as a Jew who calls himself a Jew regardless of personal status or religious belief. "Democratic values" determine that an idolatrous, army-serving, knesset-voting goy is of more value and has more rights to "citizenship" than a kosher, Torah-observant Jew in fulltime learning. As Reb Akiva rightly pointed out in his comment of a few posts ago, this is not a new thing, but it is now reaching a critical mass.

If you can stomach Channel 10 propaganda, watch this VIDEO and you'll begin to see what I mean. What they never tell you is that neither the baby nor his mother is Jewish, nor do they wish to convert. They imagine themselves as Jewish as you or me based simply on the NT teaching that they are "spiritual children" of Abraham through Yushke.

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