19 July 2008

Danny Danon is Putting Jews in Danger

Who is Danny Danon? He is a Jew of little or no faith, who believes that our keeping parts of Eretz Yisrael depends on numbers. He sees that there are not enough Jews so he wants to open the doors of our land to xians---as many as will come and by their own claims, it will be "millions"---to help us hold the land against the Arabs and the international community. What he doesn't understand is that he is inviting in the scorpion to replace the snake.

Joel Bell, missionary owner and founder of Frontline Israel:

"Danny, shalom brother! We are launching the World Likud and WEZ---World Evangelical Zionists---here in Israel. ...this is a vision that G-d put on Danny's heart to open the door to evangelical Zionists, lovers of the Jewish people, the Land and the Torah, to come and get involved, to be activists here in the Land."

See Danny's response.

HASHEM says that if we want peace in our land with no one threatening us, we must be faithful to our eternal covenant, which we do not share with the goyim of the world, even less so xian idolaters! The Tanakh is replete with examples which prove from our history that it is not dependent upon numbers, but solely upon our sincere and complete teshuva!!

Danny Danon is headed in the wrong direction! If anyone out there in the blogosphere knows him, please clue him in!!

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  1. He is clued in... The Israeli power brokers see charedim and a religious society as a threat only just barely slightly below the threat of Hamas.

    To counter this threat, they imported 1,000,000 completely secular Russians, 40% of whom aren't Jewish. They put out massive effort to import Jews from any part of the world where the majority aren't religious.

    Where they DON'T import from is the US. Since most of the Jews who are interested are frum, in the US they DISCOURAGE aliyah. Specific examine, the Jewish Agency announced they were breaking from any cooperation with Nefesh b'Nefesh, and putting 100% of their efforts into working via reform congregations. They have never placed an ad or an aliyah-shaliach in a frum community.

    (From personal experience, I attended an ulpan class that was 50% non-Jewish - Russians and Argentinians - including several wearing giant crosses and proclaiming their xiandom.)